A New Brain

The 1st Street Players, in Birdsboro, present the musical production of "A New Brain" Oct. 18 to 26. Tickets are for sale at 1ststreetplayers.org.

The 1st Street Players, a small community theater in Birdsboro, present the musical production of "A New Brain" Oct. 18 to 26.

A New Brain focuses on Gordon, a composer who is facing a medical crisis. As he is rushed to the hospital, Gordon brings the audience on a journey through his mind. Joined by his neurotic best friend, overbearing mother, doting boyfriend, a children's-performer boss, and several other odd characters Gordon faces a daunting diagnosis and surgery plan.

Faced with his own mortality he deals with thoughts, feelings, and memories he'd rather forget. While this story is not necessarily a well known one it is an important one.

Our production seeks to shine a light on a medical condition that has, in recent years, become a large topic of conversation - Traumatic Brain Injuries. An estimated 2.8 million Americans suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries every year many suffering from debilitating brain damage.

Life changes drastically for these members of our community and we hope to spread awareness through the life of Gordon Schwinn. We hope that you will join us for this interesting trip!

"By the Tony Award-winning authors of Falsettos, here is an energetic, sardonic, often comical musical about a composer during a medical emergency. Gordon collapses into his lunch and awakes in the hospital, surrounded by his maritime-enthusiast lover, his mother, a co-worker, the doctor, and the nurses. Reluctantly, he had been composing a song for a children’s television show that features a frog — Mr. Bungee — and the specter of this large green character and the unfinished work haunts him throughout his medical ordeal. What was thought to be a tumor turns out to be something more operable, and Gordon recovers, grateful for a chance to compose the songs he yearns to produce." — Samuel French


Gordon - ​Robert Sicilia

Roger - Seth Harkins

Rhoda - Taylor Patullo

Mimi - Jen Hallman

Lisa - Liz Robertson

Mr. Bungee - Steve Daniels

Waitress / Nancy Dee - Ashley Russo

Richard - Charles Troxel

Minister - Bill Leech

Doctor - Elizabeth Manwiller

The Birdsboro Community Theater is located at 301 E. 1st St.

Tickets are for sale at 1ststreetplayers.org.

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