Representatives of the Young Medalist Cycling Club/Team Dual Temp requested permission from Oley Township's board of supervisors to conduct the Oley Valley Junior State Championship Road Race.The tentative date for the race is Sunday, June 13. Approximately 100 area youths from age 10-18 will be participating, said assistant coach of the YMCC & the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club, Rick Semian.

Participants will be separated by gender as well as age groups 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18.

The starting point will be the Oley Valley Youth League property. For the two older age groups, the course spans nearly 12 miles. The two younger age groups will cycle on a course that is approximately seven miles.

The courses run throughout Oley, Pike, and Rockland Townships.

"Race officials will be on motorcycles at the front and back of packs," said Semian. "There will be a marshal at each intersection."

The race is soon to be sanctioned by the United States Cycling Foundation.

"We want to be the least intrusive to the community as possible because we'd like to do this again next year," said Semian.

The YMCC/TDT plans to make a donation to the Oley Valley Youth League for allowing them to use its acility, said Semian.

As James Coker was absent, supervisors David Kessler and Jeffery Spatz accepted the request for this race to be held in Oley Township, with the stipulation that an insurance certificate be presented and that parking be off-street, only on the youth league property.

Semian also agreed to set up plans to compensate the volunteers of the Oley Fire Company for their assistance at the event.

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