Timothy R. Gearhart, one of three defendants charged with the fatal beating of Kutztown University student Kyle G.D. Quinn, pled guilty to two of the seven charges against him on Wednesday, Aug. 6.The two counts of murder in the third degree and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault carry a combined maximum sentence of 60 years in prison and/or a $75,000 fine, according to court documents.

Gearhart, 24, of Allentown, is accused of assaulting Quinn, 19, of Warminster, on the night of Sept. 7, 2007. Along with fellow Allentown residents Terry D. Kline Jr., 22, and his brother Kenneth R., 21, Gearhart allegedly assaulted Quinn in front of an unoccupied store at 164 W. Main St. in Kutztown.

Quinn was on his way home to a dormitory after leaving his brother's apartment at around 2 a.m., according to earlier Berks-Mont reports.

According to staff reports, the three men were apprehended within minutes and confessed to their roles in the beating. Gearhart admitted to dealing the fatal blow with a heavy wooden table leg.

Since their arrest, the men have been held in Berks County Prison without bail. They are being tried individually.

Gearhart has also been charged with murder in the first degree, two counts of aggravated assault, and conspiracy to commit murder in the first and third degrees, according to court documents.

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