The 1.6-percent personal income tax that has been proposed by the Boyertown Area School District is a good proposal. The tax would keep all monies collected in the district. If the tax were enacted by the state, all revenues collected would go to the state and be subject to state allocation rules and administrative costs.As I understand the tax provisions, the following exemptions will apply:ˆ·SocialSecurity, pensions, IRA's, 401-K plans and all qualifying retirement income plans.ˆ·Gain on the sale of primary residences. Same rules as federal and state income taxes, no tax if you have lived in your primary residence for five years.

This act should be approved as it is a good proposal and no alternative is being considered at this time to reduce property taxes.

It will provide property tax relief to most taxpayers and a net reduction in total taxes to a very high percentage of taxpayers, namely retired and individuals with lower incomes.

We must also hold our elected representatives and senators accountable. The state Department of Education cannot continue to grant exemptions to our school districts budget increases exceed inflation indexes.

Vote For Approval of Act 1-Boyertown PIT tax on primary election day.

Harvey S. Moser Boyertown

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