On April 27 and 28, Longswamp United Church of Christ teens participated in World vision's 30-hour famine. For 30 hours, they only consumed juice and water, as they played a game called, Tribe, where they each played an African tribe child with a variety of disabilities. The game gave the teens a feel for what it might be like to live in an undeveloped country.The youth also watched movies, discussed the Bible and were entertained by the local Christian group, Saved Band which performed for two hours.

The teens also spent time on a community service project, where they travelled to Radcliffe's Great Value and randomly purchased groceries for three different families as an act of kindness. Then they travelled to a laundry mat on State Street in Topton, and handed out $20 in quarters to patrons doing laundry. Then they placed quarters in machines for future patrons.

"During this weekend (the teens) grew closer to God and to each other," said youth leader Amy Roth.

On the final evening, the group prepared Unimix, a bland food given to many starving children as their only hot meal of the day. Unimix is made of oil, sugar, milk powder, corn meal and mashed beans. Each teen tried some.

"This was quite an experience for them," Roth said.

Finally the teens were treated to a meal of baked chicken, rice, salad and fruit provided by Dori Martin Catering, Kutztown.

Many parents of the teens also fasted for 30 hours. The group planned the weekend, hoping to raise $3,000. They exceeded their goal by raising more than $7,000. According to Roth, the government is providing a 3 to 1 match on all money raised for World Vision, so more than $28,000 will help feed more than 77 starving children for one year.

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