"There ain't no gettin' off a this train we're on." And after 129 years The Free Press is kaput.She isn't really getting to go out with the bang I was half planning when the economy took a turn for the worst and the first thought of this moment crossed my mind. So, 15 hours before we hit the presses I'm putting this together in an effort to simply thank every single person who has picked up a copy of this newspaper - not just for the past two years when I have served as the editor, but for the past 129.

So many have come before me, in my position, and you, in yours. And here, now in the last breath, it must be one of optimism for what our community has had the chance to embrace for nearly 130 years.

We need to realize how lucky we have been to even have had such a thing in our community.

Whether it was a daily, a fully staffed weekly or myself and whatever help I could pull together, this publication has taken many turns over the decades and I am truly sad to see it end.

Who knows, maybe the will of you and your fellow readers will spring up something new from the ashes of The Free Press?

A huge round of thanks to everyone, as I stated last week, who gave to Quakertown Cares. I recently met with the board and discussed this possible scenario that we are now in. Rest assured that the board will stop at nothing to keep the campaign alive and well, as it is such an important piece of our towns. It has been an honor to serve on the board and to do my best to help the effort.

Many thanks are also in order to all of our loyal advertisers. Spending the last years as a free newspaper, our advertisers have literally been the lifeblood of the newspaper. Thanks to advertisers of yesterday, today and, most importantly, those who have stuck with us through the good times and the bad.

I have made a few enemies and fewer arch enemies, but that has not been the majority of my experience in the greater Quakertown area. I have loved interacting with the hardworking people of our towns. And it has been a joy coming to work when I knew I would be meeting with passionate people who were involved in schools, boroughs, townships, senior centers, food pantries, non-profits, camps, businesses, churches and everything else in between.

Growing up in Allentown, I now envy the sense of place and community that I can see in the small towns of Upper Bucks County. And being in charge of the newspaper here, I had the chance to interact with every single pillar of the community, the vast majority of which are truly fantastic people.

Also, an extra special thanks to my co-workers for being there and being awesome.

Be well. I love you all.

David P. Anderson was the editor of The Free Press. His personal e-mail is fishbuddy@gmail.com if you really care that badly to try and reach him after he is no longer the editor of your newspaper. He misses you already.

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