The Heritage of Green Hills in Shillington hosted a Veteran’s Day Luncheon to honor veterans.

The event included the singing of service songs, The National Anthem and God Bless America; the reciting the Pledge of Allegiance; and the playing of Taps.

In addition, there was a moving reading of John McCrae’s poem, “In Flanders Fields.”

“…You are, and always will be our greatest inspiration. We are not only thankful to you but also motivated by you. You have showed us how to be brave and honest," said Cheryl Anderson, Well by Design Director, who gave a speech at the Veteran's Day Luncheon. "Thank you for risking your life so others have the opportunity to live a great life. Thank you to all the brave men and women who fought valiantly to protect our great country and make the world a better place. During a war, soldiers may fall but there is not one soldier who fails. All of our soldiers are winners. Hats off to you. Thank you for serving our country.”

The Missing Men Table is part of a national tradition that honors and remembers service members who have fallen, are missing or are prisoners of war. Each item on the table has specific symbolic significance.

The spouses of deceased veterans were among those honored at The Heritage of Green Hills’ Veteran’s Day Luncheon.

The Heritage of Green Hills is a healthy life plan community in Shillington.

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