Hanging out at the local library has its perks, but better still is going in for a new library card and learning about therapy dogs. The Oley Valley Community Library recently sponsored an event to introduce Buster and Kingsley.

Buster works through Therapy Dogs International and is a tripod boxer, also known as the Mayor of Oley. He can be seen walking around town making others smile. He visits the Owen J. Roberts School District through their therapy dog program. These dogs have a calming effect on students.

“The therapy dogs help so many people in need of a pick-me-up or a stress reliever!” said Oley Valley Middle School student Erin Day.

These dogs can also help with reading interventions and can benefit those who have been through trauma, have special needs, or students just having a rough day. They also help create a positive school environment.

“There are many benefits to kids,” said OVMS student Brandon Moyer.

Buster is a cancer survivor and has recently lost his leg. This has not slowed him down and the love he gives shines as bright as ever.

Kingsley is a Jack Russell, Sheltie mix who works through an organization called K-Pets. He goes into hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation programs. There are many social-emotional benefits to clients, and Kingsley is more than happy to help. Therapy dogs reduce negative behaviors in people and can help autistic children.

OVMS student Carter Smith learned that “therapy dogs help sick kids in hospitals. That’s an awesome thing!”

OVMS students Olivia Scatamacchia, Jess Howard, and Harlee Heckman agree that dogs can have a calming effect on people.

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