Tilden honors retiring secretary

Upon her retirement as Planning Commission secretary for 34 years, Tilden Township Supervisors presented Anna M. Shollenberger with a blanket in honor of her years of service. Pictured from left to right: Tilden Township Board of Supervisor Vice-Chairman Fred Herman, Chairman Gene Schappell, Township Manager Monica Flower and Anna M. Shollenberger.

The Tilden Township Board of Supervisors presented retiring Planning Commission secretary Anna M. Shollenberger with a custom-made blanket in honor of her years of service to the township.

The words depicted on the blanket read, “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you’ve touched. Anna, thank you for all your years of service, your Tilden Township Family.”

“I was very surprised,” said Shollenberger. “It was so thoughtful of them.”

The blanket was presented to Shollenberger at the December township workshop meeting, during which the Board of Supervisors accepted, with regret, her resignation. She retires after 34 years as Planning Commission secretary.

Previously, Shollenberger, 79, of Tilden Township, retired in 2003 as township secretary and treasurer after 39 years of service, of which the last 10 years she served as township manager. Prior to the township having a physical office location, she ran the township out of her private residence.

Her husband, Roy Shollenberger, 87, was with the township road crew for more than 30 years, retiring at the end of 2010.

“After serving 39 years as Secretary/Treasurer with the Township along with 34 years on the Planning Commission as secretary, we understood Anna's decision to retire; however, her expertise will not easily be replaced,” said Supervisors Chairman Gene Schappell, describing Shollenberger as “honest, hardworking, dedicated, professional and easy to get along with.”

“(She will be remembered for) her eagerness to address any concerns or township issues,” said Schappell. “I have always known Anna to be a woman of integrity.”

“I was disappointed she chose to resign because she did the job so well, but completely understood her reasons after serving so many years,” said Supervisors Vice-Chairman Frederick Herman. “I would describe her and will remember her as dependable, knowledgeable and thorough.”

Her first role serving the township was as township secretary 39 years ago.

“It was a learning experience. I feel that when I became township secretary, I grew with the job,” she said.

Shollenberger later became township secretary, manager and Planning Commission secretary.

“I’ve seen a lot of growth and development in the township.”

She enjoyed working with the public and the developers over the years, “It was a good experience,” and she stayed for so many years because she liked her job.

“I just felt the job was very challenging.”

The people are what she will miss most.

Regarding her decision to retire as Planning Commission secretary in December 2020, she said, “I felt it was time for me to retire after all those years.”

Shollenberger does not have any special plans for her retirement; however, she loves to work in her flower bed, to cook and to travel but she is unsure how much she will be able to travel due to COVID restrictions. As members of the Hamburg Seniors, she and her husband enjoy going on their bus trips.

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