We would like to express our support for John Zima for school director. As a manager for Dunn and Broadstreet, Mr. Zima will bring his financial expertise to the Kutztown Area School Board. As a parent of children in our schools, he will also bring a concern for our kids and the requirements of providing for their education.In contrast, one of his opponents, Jasper Ho, has sent his children to private school. In fact, a few years ago, he urged the School Board to subsidize the tuition payments of parents who do so. We have to question his commitment to public education.

One of the most challenging tasks of a school director is balancing the needs of our children with those of our taxpayers. Mr. Zima's professional background, combined with his involvement as a parent and volunteer in our schools, gives him the tools to rise to that challenge.

Sincerely, Alan Darion and Dale Reppert: Members, Kutztown Area School Board Barry Adams and Frank Orlando: Past Principals, Kutztown Area Senior High

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