The Borough of Topton installed a community chalkboard in September that has inspired uplifting chalk art messages amid the battle against COVID-19, including, “Don’t Give Up the Ship,” “Choose Happy,” “Be Kind” and “Hold On!”

“Each message has been about positivity and looking ahead! I hope that when people see the art on the chalkboard they are encouraged! The office staff and Borough Council have really enjoyed the messages,” said Topton Recreation Coordinator Trynda Schoonover. “All of the artists have done their best to remain anonymous. We don’t want to give them away, but we are very thankful for their talents.”

Schoonover’s ultimate goal was to get people out and enjoying something with so many activities being closed.

“Because all our events for the year were cancelled, I was really looking for a way to lift the community’s spirit and have something that anyone could participate in while still socially distancing and staying safe,” she said. “This is something we could do quickly and without having to spend a lot. We bought chalk and have it in the office for any families that don’t have any on hand.”

Less than $1,000 from the Borough Recreation Fund funded the project

“We got metal sheets from Glick’s, primer, and chalkboard paint. Our public works crew put up the metal sheets and I primed and painted them with the help of a council member,” said Schoonover. “We wanted something big enough to include lots of art at once.”

Choosing a highly visible spot and somewhere easy to access, the chalkboard, 12 feet by 24 feet in size, was installed on the outside of the pool fence facing Weis Street.

“The response has been fantastic,” she said. “It’s always positive and I know people love to drive by and see something new on the board every couple days.”

Photos of all the new art are posted on the Borough of Topton Facebook page and posts receive a lot of feedback.

“We’re thankful for everyone that has put their talents up on the board, and we are looking forward to seeing more in the future. We hope that people continue to participate and put positive messages up on the board!” said Schoonover.

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