The area consists of two zones known as I-1, designated at limited industrial, and I-2, designated as general industrial.

Brett Huckabee, township solicitor, explained that the existing ordinance regarding adult entertainment businesses with sexually explicit shows, books and exhibits, such as theaters and adult book stores needed to be amended so the township would not run the risk of being sued for not permitting such a business to operate in the township.

Under existing federal law, an adult entertainment business has the right to located its place of business wherever it chooses in a municipality. However, a local ordinance can permit the establishment of such a business in a municipality but its permitted use can be in a regulated section.

Huckabee continued that an amendment to the existing zoning ordinance providing for a special exception whereby such a business could not be located closer than 1,000 feet to a residentially zoned district, a school, a church, and similar uses would be enforceable.

Tina Graff, a township resident, voiced strong opposition to the proposed amendment saying that to allow such an adult entertainment business to open in the township would be morally degrading. Comments from Dale Kilgus, board vice-chairman and John Burdy, township manager reinforced the solicitor's explanation regarding the risk of a federal lawsuit, the results of

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