At the Caernarvon Township-Lancaster County meeting on Monday, Oct. 6, Supervisor Mike Shoup announced that the bridge over the Conestoga Creek on Red School Road will be rebuilt. Work will start in about a month and will take about two months. Four bids were received for the project, and Bertolet Construction Company was the low bidder.

The contract was approved at a cost of about $217,000. Chairman Dan Mitchell said the township engineer and Road Master Ron Highfield would "work with them (Bertolet) to keep the costs to the township at a minimum."

Township secretary/treasurer Jenny Roy said there will be an extended guard rail to keep motorists from driving into the creek. She confirmed that PennDOT will perform inspections on the bridge." It has to be up to standard," said Roy, "because of the size of the bridge."

Gerry Brill of Poplar Street complained to the supervisors about the amount of mud on the roads. He said, "It is caused by farmers plowing too close to the road and then dragging the mud on to the roads." Brill suggested they cut across the road at a right angle so as not to drag so much on to the road. He specifically mentioned Churchtown, Glick and Hammertown Roads.

Brill noted that he has a drivers license and a C.D.L. license. "A truck driver would be held responsible for it," said Brill, who had heard of truck drivers who were fined for bringing mud on to the roads."The property owner is responsible for any road debris if it damages property."

Mitchell also expressed concern about the mud, particularly the effect on runoff. Mitchell said "it all ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. I saw a large pile a farmer cleaned up."

Brill presented pictures of apparent debris on Churchtown Road which he noticed on Friday. He said his wife complained of dust on Saturday and Sunday. After some discussion, it was decided to send a letter to those who habitually leave a lot of debris on the road.

Roadmaster Highfield said "everything is pretty much in shape." Hurricane Isabella and other recent storms caused some areas to wash out - nothing too bad, according to Highfield.

In other business, plans for a sewer module for John Smucker were approved. Plans for Thomas Slawko to build a machine shop along Route 10 were received by the planning commission for review, and plans for Levi Stoltzfus of Valley View Road to build a granny flat were approved.

Plans for Clock Tower Plaza got a 90 day extension from the LCPC.

Results from the hearings before the Zoning Hearing Board on Sept. 9 are as follows.

Ricky Kohl of 150 S. Poole Forge Road received a dementional variance to construct a detached garage within the front yard set back.

John Smucker of North Churchtown Road got a variance to locate a manure pit within 500 feet of a neighbor.

Luke Martin of Main Street got a variance to locate storage sheds within setbacks.

On Oct. 21, the Zoning Hearing Board will hear a request by John Stoltzfus for a special exception to have two on-farm occupations - a bakery and a harness shop.

Elmer Esh of 500 Edwards Road had requested numerous variances pertaining to a pole barn business. Jenny Roy said he said Esh "needs the variances for his business because they are Amish and can't drive anywhere else."

Mitchell noted that Esh has four commercial vehicles, and Roy said, "He (Esh) was told when he built it, it would not be for a business." Mike Shoup suggested they go off site and build pole barns.

Mitchell concluded Esh wanted to change the use of the building from personal use to a business use. He suggested the board send a letter expressing serious concern to the Zoning Hearing Board. Supervisors Shoup and Maitland agreed.

Jesse Esh of 2415 Conestoga Creek Road has requested a dementional variance to create a flag lot. Automotive Services has requested variance pertaining to a gas station business.

Dan Musser wants to use the property on 1935 Main Street at Poole Forge, formerly Stitts, to operate a car parts store and offices. Musser said the strip of stores has been vacant for several years. Mitchell expressed a desire to "check it out" to see what Musser's intentions are.

Esther Palmateer of Conestoga Creek Road is requesting variances to add a granny flat to her home.

Bob Watts, general manager of the Lanchester Landfill, said the main flare near Churchtown Road is out for repair. A bearing failed in a fan, knocking it out of commission. A back up system is being used, and the flare should be fixed in a week.

Watts said, "There were challenges from Hurricane Isabella and other storms. There was a lot of waste in a short time. There was a heavy flow of very wet waste with a lot of odors."

"Things are back to normal," continued Watts. "There were fewer complaints of odors."

The leacheate storage tanks were at 40 percent capacity, said Watts. About 600,000 gallons of leacheate were hauled away for treatment. It amounted to about 20 loads a day at about 6500 gallons a load. He said they are also recycling leacheate.

Former Host Municipality Inspector Joe Cutter asked about surface water laying in silt ponds. Watts said that levels were normal, and had no evidence of mosquitoes breeding in the silt basins.

A letter was received by Watts concerning the potential harms and benefits of the Area D expansion project. Baldwin Electric expressed concern that the expansion might interfere with their antenna. Watt noted that "by the end of the year we will respond to questions pertaining to a loss in property values caused by the landfill."

Betty Martin said on Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. Lois Mast from the Masthof press will be the guest speaker for the Historical Commission meeting. "The Christmas Tour is planned for Dec. 6 from 5 to 9 p.m.," Martin said. "There are 12 stops planned on the tour. Some of them are Winsor Forge, the Churchtown Inn, the Evans House and Hylnan House." The cost is $15.00 per person. For more information please contact Betty Martin at (717) 445-5614.

Martin also said the Historical Society has not gotten the deed yet for the old church buildings they use for their headquarters. The building is promised to them by the Donegal Presbytery. Mitchell said the deed transfer "is a done deal."

Granger Electric has applied for a permit from DEP to construct a gas pipeline to the New Holland area from the Lanchester Landfill. Treated methane gas from the landfill would then be used for power at several businesses in the New Holland area.

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