This edition of Tri County Record features our annual Progress Supplement. It is a showcase for some, but by no means all, of the companies, organizations, and people who are making progress.

Progress can be measured in many ways. It also can be quite elusive for those who seek it much in the same way as Don Quixote chased windmills and the impossible dream.

But for those who set their sites on real, achievable goals there is no telling how far they can go. Yet, there is something inevitable about progress: it leads to change.

Look what happened to the way we live and communicate because of something called a computer. Look at what the prospect of replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with vehicles powered by energy cells may do.

Well, we don't need to go that far to experience progress. Progress is honest and responsible government tempering the impact of development. It is a high school maintaining extended hours for a career center so that more people can access it. It is people helping people recover and rebuild from the devastation of a tornado. It is a company being recognized as a superior place to work. It is a church group going oversees to help the less fortunate.

Progress based on sound and realistic planning can bring about change, change that benefits rather than hinders. Look what happened when a group of folks gathered in Philadelphia back in 1776 with a plan to change a few things.

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