Tri County Correspondent

WARWICK - A resident of Warwick Township told the supervisors at their Oct. 3 meeting she is extremely concerned about personnel changes at Chester County Parks. She said on July 22, the Chester County Commissioners voted to make part- time park rangers park technicians.

"They were stripped of their protection, but the pay remained the same.' said Ravina Breden. The public was never notified of this change. The rangers no longer carry protection for themselves or those using the parks. If an incident occurs the park technicians must locate a full-time regional ranger. There are only two full-time rangers assigned to each county park.

Because of a chance meeting with a person who had accosted her several years ago locally, she was terrified she would meet the person again. Since she often goes walking, she is very concerned about the policing of local park land.

Township Solicitor Pat O'Donn-ell, who is also an interim Demo-cratic County Commissioner, said he would bring up the issue when the commissioners met on October 4. When a call was made to War-wick County Park, the person who answered transferred the call to John Mikowychok, who is the superintendent of county parks. He was not available on Oct. 4.

Plans under review are Stonewall Golf Course, Yoder/Heritage, Sweet-brier Subdivision, Winslow, Black Granite, Magic Meadows and Owen J. Roberts.

Zoning Officer Del Dimmitt issued three permits and a certificate of occupancy in September.

Residents of Harmonyville are very concerned about the speed on Harmonyville Road, particularly at a dangerous road junction. The speed limit is posted 25 mph but motorists go at speeds from 55 to 60 mph. Residents want PennDOT to do a traffic study because they want a better stop sign arrangement and some sort of traffic calming there. The state police will be notified immediately.

A resident said it is grossly unfair for the Elverson Fire Company to use the assessed valuation of real estate to devise the assessment for fire protection. It would be better to consider the population and the length of the roads, number of accidents or calls for service. Another resident said he was told by the coordinator ass-igned to control costs it would be cheaper with the merger of the Elverson and Morgantown Fire Companies into the Twin Valley Fire Company.

They want about $40,000 from Warwick Town-ship this year. They had asked for $80,000. The cost of the ambulance used to be about $13,000. Now it is $18,000.

The fire company wanted a multi-year contract.

Chairman Charles Jacob said, "The franchise for cable television has expired. Approval was granted for O'Donnell to review the cable agreement with another township and make recommendations for an improved agreement for Warwick Township.'

Supervisor Jim Barker volunteered to be on the ag security board.

The Warwick Town-ship Municipal Building will be the location for the Warwick West Precinct to vote on the Nov. 7 general election. O'Donnell is on the Chester County Board of Elections.

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