Tri County Correspondent

The developers of Blue Ball Commons, located along Route 23, and the developers of Cheltenham, at Route 23 and Route 897 in East Earl Township, are relying on the construction of the water tower to provide water for residents of both communities. This was announced at the East Earl Township meeting.

A spokesman for the group assigned the job of getting the water tower up on lot 63 at Blue Ball Commons said they hope to have it done by August.

A national company erects such towers and the group said it is extremely important to assign the construction while scheduling permits.

The foreman of the construction crew at Chelt-enham said, "Forty three homes have been sold and the first residents plan to move in by September.' Blue Ball Commons has an efficient stormwater management program.

Conditional approval was granted to Elam Hurst for an 11 acre parcel with a house, located along Route 625 near Long Lane Road. Waivers for stormwater management were app-roved..

Zoning Officer Shaun Seymour said, "The plans for correcting the situation for the sidewalk at the wastewater pump station along Route 322 are insufficient." The plans have to be approved before doing anything else.

Red Run, Quarry, Sp-ring Grove and Ranck Roads have been tarred and chipped.

In May, Seymour iss-ued 30 permits, one was renewed and two were denied. Sixteen certificates of occupancy were issued. Seymour said he tried to get to the person responsible for doing car repair work in the back yard, which is not permitted.

Inspections have been made at Cheltenham. The foreman there said occupancy permits may be requested before the water tower is completed.

Supervisor Dave Zim-merman said, "Property owner Lauren Zimmerman of Frogtown Road was to be working with the Soil Conservation District on creek bank restoration and a swale.'

Lauren Zimmerman said he was going to do creek bank work but he did not need a swale. It was agreed Zimmerman should do both. The swale should be done within 30 days after the crops are re-moved.

The supervisors hope to improve the signs which denote the boundaries for Blue Ball.

Elam Hurst was told to go to the Zoning Hearing Board to find a solution to a request for a property add -on.

Sam Martin thought he was on his property when he started cutting down trees. Actually, he was on property belonging to Lan-caster County. Since it was on property belonging to the county, Martin will work with them to replace the trees.

Police Chief Charles Miller said, "During May, the police department had 400 calls, mostly between 6 p.m. and midnight. There were five arrests, an accidental death, 22 vehicle accidents investigated by the police department and 4 traffic injuries. There were 65 traffic citations written.'

Several improvements were discussed to make the township offices and po-lice department safer for those working there.

Blue Ball Day is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 2, from 1 to 9:30 p.m.

The Lancaster Bicycle Club's 28th annual Covered Bridge Ride is planned for Aug. 20. Bike riders will use some township roads.

Tammy Colombo has asked for a sign and speed limit restrictions on Ranck Road where she boards horses. People and horses must cross the road.

The Humane League of Lancaster County will meet with the supervisors to discuss the costs of housing lost and stray dogs and cats from East Earl Township.

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