At the Wednesday, August 13, Honey Brook Township Board of Supervisors meeting, talk of development, and of variances, predominated.

Preliminary plans for a 92-lot development were approved, with conditions. All of the development, by the Hankin Group, will be in Honey Brook Township. The collector roads will be in Caernarvon Township, Berks County. They will exit by PennWood Farms and by Mountain View Road on to Hemlock Road to Twin Valley Road. Most of the roads will have rolled curbs, and many of the trees will have to be replaced. Road widths will differ in Caernarvon Township and in Honey Brook Township.

A trailer storage area was approved for Bakery Feeds. Plans call for 28 parking spaces. The lot will be surrounded by a six foot fence with a no glare overhead light at the gate. Trailers (may be moved 40 to 50 times within a three shift, 24 hour day. On termination of the lease, the area will returned to its original state. Attorney Bob Ludwig and Rick Cherry represented Bakery Feeds.

Plans were approved for a children's day care center, to be known as Lakeside Day Care, at Tel Hai, subject to some conditions and the completion of a traffic study. The children's day care is provided as an amenity to Tel Hai employees.

Joe Swartz, president of Tel Hai, said the adult day care may take in six more residents in the program, growing from 35 to 42 participants. He said most of them come by Paratransit.

Mark Hackenburg showed sketch plans for a 31 lot cluster type development on the Theodore Irvin tract off of Dampman Road. He said they would endeavor to preserve the natural wooded character of the area by following a conservation design plan.

Vegetation would be preserved on the one acre lots along an 18 foot wide cul de sac. On site recreation would be provided such as a recreation trail, a picnic area, tot lot and a pavilion. Open space would amount to 75 percent of the total acreage.

The developer asked to connect to the public sewer. However, since the area is zoned as agricultural, and the supervisors decline to extend the sewers, they will have to come up with an alternative plan.

An extension was given for Calvin Smoker on Horseshoe Pike. A smaller warehouse is being considered. Waivers had been requested on sewage and screening. A 25 foot buffer with adequate screening has been requested. There are about 25 employees.

William Devine has requested a variance to operate a trash truck business. "There has been no continuance of any business on the property to justify the present request,' said Mike Brown, township manager. "They have asked for a continuance on the matter involving the property along Quarry Road.'

The Zoning Hearing Board on Sept. 15 will hear a request for a special exception for Levi Kauffman to have a woodworking shop on September Road. The supervisors took a position to support his home occupation, said Chairwoman Michal Jany.

In other business:

* A reimbursement of $7,800 was received by the township for snow removal. Brown said they are looking for volunteers for the Emergency Operations Center, a Zoning Hearing Board alternate and a member of the Vacancy Board. Eric Lichtner was appointed to the Board of Appeals.

* Supervisor Wes Darby will meet with members of Honey Brook Borough Council to discuss the details of a joint township and Borough open space and recreation plan. An ordinance was adopted to gather up loose ends and some issues which were overlooked when the revised zoning ordinance was approved.

* During July the Honey Brook Township police had 273 calls for service. Of the 273, 51 were for the State Police . There were 45 traffic arrests and eight non-traffic arrests. One adult was arrested for aggravated assault. Two adults were arrested for DUI. There were five calls for domestic violence. There were four traffic accidents investigated by the police. There were 27 ambulance calls. The police department was called to assist other police departments 14 times. There were six 911 calls. A complete report is available at the police department office.

The planning commission met on August 28. The supervisors will meet next on Sept. 10.

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