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East Earl Township will join Brecknock and Caernarvon Townships and New Holland and Terre Hill Boroughs in inter-municipal cooperation. The region comprises the area served by the Garden Spot School District said supervisor David Zimmerman.

Supervisor Joe Shri-ver said the present plan was devised 10 years ago. Township Attorney Gary Krafft said no township will give up its individuality and they all will continue to have their own board of su-pervisors, planning commission and zoning hearing board.

The concept is fav-ored by the state and the Lancaster County Plann-ing Commission. A re-gional steering committee would deal with such issues as locating a housing development in one township adjacent to a commercial development in another township

Supervisor Earl Krei-der said we could be trading off some sorts of development like commercial or industrial districts to another township. Zimmerman said a steering committee will be appointed.

Township Engineer Chuck Haley said the township will be updating the stormwater management program in the Conestoga River watershed. The present storm-water management ordinance must be replaced with a new one.

Methods of storm wa-ter control must be created for major and minor incidents of land disturbance. The rate of runoff from developments must be gauged. The land south of route 23 drains into the Mill Creek and north of Route 23 it drains into the Cone-stoga. The rate of ground water recharge can be calculated. Related app-lications would be available for major and minor developments.

Haley said he took the county stormwater control ordinance and blended details of East Earl Township into it. The ordinance will be advertised for adoption at the May 9 meeting.

Shriver said Conesto-ga Wood Specialties Company has requested some waivers related to land development. The planning commission has recommended conditional approval of the easements.

Township Secretary/-Treasurer Connie Gross said Conestoga Wood Specialties Company, lo-cated on Reading Road, plans a 91,000 foot addition including a truck repair garage. They are asking for waivers for curbs and side walks and a ninety-day extension.

Part of the Martins land development is lo-cated in Terre Hill Bor-ough and part is in East Earl Township. Some issues will be dealt with by Terre Hill Borough and other issues will remain with the township. Water and sewers will be served by Terre Hill. Plans will be made to meet with officials from Terre Hill to discuss issues of concern. It is close to Vine Street and White Hollow Road.

Plans for Terre Hill Mennonite High School were reviewed. Plans submitted by Elam Hurst of Reading Road were considered.

Police Chief Charles Miller said in March there were 362 calls to the police department. There were 54 traffic arrests and 27 traffic warnings. There were 71 calls for information. Two traffic related deaths were reported. In-cidents reported were domestic disputes, burglaries, DUI, harassment, trespass and business and citizen checks. There were 18 vehicle accidents reported.

Greg Brown was hi-red as a full time police officer. He is from West Lawn. Michael Lutz was hired as a part time officer. Police officer Mark Willwerth, who recently resigned, will stay on a while to help train the new officers.

Miller said Police Officer Chris Stouch took special training in management of emergency situations on his own initiative. "He wan-ted to do it," Miller said. "He put his heart and soul into it. We are proud of him."

Kreider said he was one of five selected fort the CERTS Team.

Zoning Officer Shaun Seymour issued permits for six new homes, three sheds, four additions, three demolitions, a fence, three renewals, one denial and 34 certificates of occupancy. There were three violations, three written violations and a project started without a permit.

Zimmerman and Bill Shirk discussed fire re-lated training and other types of training that should be taken by mu-nicipal employees.

Zimmerman said town-ship officials recommended a swale near the pond on the Zimm-erman property near Frogtown Road as a means to help solve the stormwater run-off problem. The Soil Conser-vation District recommended work on the creek bank. Work is un-der way now.

The township doesn't think what they are doing will fix the problem. A swale is needed. Put it on record.

Zimmerman said a se-vere drop off has occur-red along Route 23 during excavating and land development at Chelt-enham. PennDOT will require the developers to put in a guard rail.

This summer, road work will be done on Red Run Road. Quarry Road between Lancaster Avenue and Martin Road will get a top coat. Work on West Quarry Road off of Route 897 will be put off until next year said Zimmerman. The cost of road materials has in-creased because of the high costs of oil.

National Incident Man-agement Training was discussed. Everyone associated with municipal government should take the special training.

The zoning hearing board is continuing to sift through data for a subdivision/lot add-on for Elam Hurst of Union Grove Road.

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