Nov. 21, 2010 - Supervisor Joe Shriver said that on October 19 the Weaverland Valley Fire Council heard a presentation from William Jenoway of the Fire Underwriters Insurance Company on the cost of merging and consolidation of the fire companies. The pros and cons were discussed. The cost would be between $3000 and $5000, mostly for legal work. There was a map of the 'run areas' of the fire companies located in East Earl Township along with those in surrounding municipalities. Other issues discussed were the costs of building and the assessed value of property in the area.

The Fire Council is looking at the three fire companies in the township. Neighboring municipalities are acting to reduce costs.

A resident said the Fire Council should look into why donations are not coming into the fire departments. Another said the fire departments are in need of more financial support. A third said the fire companies need our support to keep good people involved. The supervisors all agreed.

Chairman Dave Zimmerman discussed the Smart Growth Neighborhood Overlay Plan proposed for the area on the southeast corner of Routes 897 and 322. The developer, East Earl L.L.C. is planning a mixed use residential development at the Pyle Farm. The plans have been reviewed by the Lancaster County Planning Commission. A public hearing and zoning change is needed. At the Dec. 14 meeting public hearings will be held to change the zoning at the location, to make changes to the regional comprehensive plan, and to approve the overlay option.

Derrick Reese said the Lancaster County Conservancy hopes to close on the deal on the purchase of 400 acres of land in the Welsh Mountains in December.

"They are about 16% short of the total but they feel confident," he said.

The Conservancy is using a three-pronged approach to get the job done. They are sending out mailers, advertising in local newspapers, placing banners in stores, and staging an outreach to local businesses. They are also looking to local municipalities for help.

Zimmerman said the township paid the Humane League $3200 to care for 5 stray dogs from East Earl Township in 2009. The Humane League of Lancaster County is asking for $3540 for 2011. He said arrangements have been made with Lauren Nolt to pick up any dog for $200. He has a kennel license and will hold the dog for three days. Licensed dogs will be returned to their owner.

Chief of Police Kevin McCarthy said during October the East Earl Police Department answered 142 calls for service in East Earl Township. The department investigated 17 traffic accidents and conducted 29 criminal investigations. The department answered 12 calls for service from Terre Hill Borough. They investigated a traffic accident and conducted two criminal investigations. There were 72 traffic citations issued and 24 individuals were arrested for crime codes violations. A detailed police report is available at the East Earl Township Building and at the Terre Hill Borough Hall.

Police Officer Mike Lutz will return to active duty.

'After several days of climbing 35 foot telephone poles in his wish to become an electrical lineman, he decided that type of work was not for him,' said Chief McCarthy.

Supervisor Earl Kreider welcomed him back to the police force. McCarthy said Officer Brian McCarthy will be leaving to join the Schuylkill Township Police in Chester County.

In storm water management concerns, Zimmerman said Moses Sensenig is planning to build a shed on his property along Linden Road. John Stoltzfus has plans to build a garage on his property on Springville Road, and Kevin Reiff will build a horse barn on his property along Route 897. Elam Huyard of Dosch Lane announced plans to build a 24' x 28' barn now and a house later.

Petra Christian Fellowship has asked for a 90-day time extension until Feb. 9, 2011.

Zoning Officer Shaun Seymour said in October he issued 21 permits worth $7,362,000 and took in $2395 in fees. There were 23 occupancy permits granted.

George Dosch of the Road Crew was complimented for his good work in keeping the grass mowed along township roads in the summer.

Bill Shirk said the Safety Committee met on Oct. 18. There were no accidents reported involving township employees of equipment in October. The offices of the Police Department were inspected for safety. Fire exit signs were put in place and dawn to dusk lighting was installed. Shirk said having a Safety Committee equals a 5% reduction in the cost of workmen's compensation insurance. The Safety Committee will meet on Nov. 23 at the Blue Ball Fire Company.

Seymour said people are buying fire wood. There are 12 legal timber harvests going on now. He said there is a need for an ordinance for harvests of five to ten acres, not just a person cleaning up a couple of trees after a storm.

Zimmerman said an ordinance is needed to regulate timber harvesting.

'If they do a couple of trees, where do we draw the line?' Seymour asked, 'If a person does it for personal use they will not need a permit but for commercial use a permit should be required.'

Seymour will pass ideas to the supervisors regarding an ordinance and information will be drawn from other locations.

Zimmerman said East Earl Township will work with the Brandywine Conservancy and cooperate with Caernarvon Township in developing plans for farmers to bargain with Transfer Development Rights to neighboring cities or developed areas in an effort to keep farmland open.

Zimmerman said there is a lot of paperwork involved. The Lancaster Farmland Trust is working with Penn and Warwick Townships. It needs further research.

"We should help them out," Shriver said, 'to keep the door open.'

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