At the Elverson Borough Council meeting on Nov. 5, Borough Manager Jack McEwen estimated that completion of the current phase of work on the new elementary school site will only take another week.

"It is about finished," he said. "They have been working double shifts because of the weather.'

A resident complained about the noise levels, mentioning that construction started at the new elementary school site as early as 5 a.m.

McEwen said, "There is a new noise ordinance." He then added that the ordinance said nothing about construction, but he proposed limiting the construction crew's work hours.

Council President, Tom Hess suggested that the Borough secretary, Delores March should send a letter asking them to limit working hours to 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

"Try it," he said. "They shouldn't work all night.'

In other business:

* Hess said there appears to be a discrepancy between the costs accrued by the borough in work related to permits issued, and the funds charged to persons requesting permits. The issue was briefly discussed between Hess, Borough Solicitor Dave Malman and McEwen.

* Hess reported that on Nov. 24 there will be a follow up meeting regarding assistance for the ambulance. It will be held at the Elverson Fire Company. The Fire Company is the recipient of funds unless they are specifically marked for the Ambulance Association.

"The Elverson Ambulance provides service for Elverson Borough, Caernarvon Township-Berks County, New Morgan Borough, 80 percent of Warwick Township, 30 percent of East Nantmeal Township, and 60 percent of West Nantmeal Township. They also provide some service to Caernarvon Township Lancaster County, Union and Robeson townships," McEwen explained.

* Hess said council has to consider a name for the street behind the National Penn Bank. Some suggestions were McEwen Drive because of the long association of McEwens with Borough government. Another suggestion was Livingood Drive to designate the location of the park.

Some small items have to be repaired or corrected before South Pine Street can be dedicated to the borough. The improvements such as fixing the sidewalks or curbing are being completed.

McEwen also spoke about Hess Drive, which will be an extension of the driveway to the West Philadelphia Machine Works. "At present, it will extend to the new school," he said. "Later it will be extended to the Parkside development being constructed by Stoltzfus Enterprises."

* McEwen said residents can take recyclable materials to the Lanchester Landfill along Route 322. There are receptacles for glass, small batteries, newspapers, tin cans, aluminum and plastic containers. Residents can also take small loads of trash with payment on basis of weight.

There have been no complaints about trash pick up. A date will be set in the spring for bulk trash pick up including furniture and appliances.

* McEwen said the borough is getting a grant for $500,000, which will be put towards traffic control or calming. Another grant of $500,000 will be used for rebuilding the borough wastewater treatment system. McEwen said the work has already started in constructing a mechanical type system in the general vicinity of the present lagoon system. The capacity of the new system will be 125,000 gallons per day equaling the capacity of the present wastewater treatment system.

* The borough is still looking for an emergency management coordinator. The job requires a lot of training and continual study of current information relevant to emergency management issues. Younger people aren't interested in the job because it is too time consuming and older residents say they have already offered services in other ways.

* McEwen told those in attendance, "Construction on the car wash near the National Penn Bank will start as soon as the site work is complete. It will be built by Rick Frey.'

McEwen also reported that the proposed day-care center is "coming along very well. They have gutted the building. Safety comes first. They are working very closely with the Bureau of Licenses and Inspections,' he said.

* The 2004 budget has been completed and residents are welcome to see it at the borough office. An appointment is requested.

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