Five different Old Testament prophets will visit the Morgantown area on June 22 through 26, at the Summer Bible School scheduled at Conestoga Mennonite Church.

Children from ages four through grade eight will meet Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jonah, Amos and Daniel who will share messages of hope, transformation, mercy, justice and faithfulness that they shared centuries ago with God's people in the Middle East.

Interestingly, the messages of these Old Testament prophets given so many years ago still hold true for people today. Bible School participants will not only read and study, but also learn the same messages by creating a message board, baking an edible message, studying media messages on TV today, serve as a "messenger of love doing a service project, eat food over an outdoor fire like wandering prophets did many years ago, play prophet games; create a harp to sing songs; and learn how they can send a message of "hope" to Nepal where Dale and Beth Nafziger are missionaries with Mennonite Mission Network.

Conestoga's Bible School is open to any child between the ages of four and eighth grade. Registration forms are available by either calling or e-mailing the church office at: 610-286-9124, or

Conestoga Mennonite Church is located just west of Morgantown along Route 23 at 2779 Main Street.

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