For twelve days since Christmas, Goldie and Mommy gathered together 12 presents for Giggles. Each day Giggles was one step closer to becoming a King.

Yeah! They clapped as Giggles walked up straight on his hind legs wearing a purple robe, a crown as gold as Goldie's hair, and carried a beautiful king's scepter. Giggles moved majestically. It was the Epiphany when people celebrate The Three Wise Men's visit to the Christ Child. Goldie had sprayed her fairy godmother's wand golden, taped a ruby colored stone on its top and glued six shiny sequins down its sides. Giggles looked very fine walking beside a picture of three camels. Giggles tried to keep his balance as he shook inside from giggling. He carefully put down his gift of gold in front of the baby in the manager. Goldie and Mommy clapped and clapped.

"Oh please do it again," said Goldie. She was so proud of her little Giggles who was now rolling around and giggling and giggling. Happy Epiphany 2005. Can you name Giggles' 12 presents?

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