Just finished up some spring cleaning and it is amazing what you can find hidden away by chance or design in file cabinets and drawers.

As ol' Morgan sifted and sorted his way through a recent weekend, he felt like he had stumbled into the land that time forgot. There was ol' Morgan's first ever published article from March of 1977 that appeared in Planning magazine, and dealt with the touchy issue of mortgage red-lining in Philadelphia.

Going back a little bit more in time, the souvenir program from a 1964 national touring company version of "Camelot' came into the light from deep within a file cabinet. This production, staged at the former Shubert Theater in Philadelphia, featured Anne Jeffreys as Queen Guenivere, George Wallace as King Arthur, and Arthur Treacher as King Pelinore. It also marked the first Broadway show that 'ol Morgan had the good fortune to see.

Funny thing is that when ol' Morgan worked at 50th and Broadway years later, he never once took in a show on the Great White Way. In fact, every morning on his way to the 26th floor at the Paramount Plaza, two cat eyes would stare down at him from the huge billboard that hung over the front of the Winter Garden Theater across the street that proclaimed, "Cats. Now and Forever.' And, around the corner at the Gershwin Theater, a revival of "Show Boat' had docked. Ah, even back then, ol' Morgan was in a fine procrastinating form.

Another amazing artifact that was unearthed was a Pennsylvania Lottery ticket dated Feb. 19 1986. Ever the big spender, ol' Morgan had shelled out a dollar for a straight play on "047.' Wonder if it was a winner.

Then there was a gift certificate for a complimentary full "Tea for Two' in the Barrymore Room at the Hotel Atop the Bellevue in Philadelphia. "While ol' Morgan did get to see "No, No Nanette,' the musical from which "Tea for Two' was a big hit, he never did get to have his "Tea for Two' in the Barrymore Room.

There were so many discoveries made that ol' Morgan periodically took a break for a tall glass o' iced joe. Keep in mind that if you indulge in this warm weather delight, you need to brew the joe a bit stronger so that it can stand up to the added water from the ice cubes.

But the greatest and most memorable find of all was a letter, the only letter that ol' Morgan's father had ever written him while the ol' one was away at college on the plains of Nebraska. Shorter than the Gettysburg Address, Dad had jotted down greetings and a brief recap of an outing he and friends had been on to a crab emporium in Maryland.

While it may not as yet reverberated through the ages like Lincoln's hallowed speeds, "Dad's Letter' has extra meaning for ol' Morgan. No doubt you, too, have letters that have the power to make time stand still as you read the thoughts and musings of loved ones now gone, put down on paper in their own hand from bygone days. They are a wonderfully magical link to one's past.

Encouraging news came over the wireless. As you know, ol' Morgan is not exactly a big fan of cell phones. Oh, he has one, but is very careful when and where he uses it. New York will become the first state to ban the use of cell phones while driving! Governor Pitacki is about to sign the bill into law that will levy fines on those who are "caught' using a cell phone while driving.

Part of the research that went into this bill found that the chances of having an accident are four times greater while using a cell phone and driving at the same time than just driving without the cellular distraction.

Hmmm. Maybe we should write letters instead. At least there's a better chance for longevity with the written word.

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