HONEY BROOK - The nurse who allegedly provided a friend with fatal doses of a powerful pain-killer has been charged with murder.

The prosecutor added one count of third degree murder to the list of charges against 24-year-old Tim-othy P. Hopfer last Friday, as well as one felony count of illegal drug delivery by a practitioner or assistant to a practitioner.

On Dec. 7, Hopfer reportedly injected his friend Abigail A Tagert, 22, of Birdsboro, with dilaudid - a morphine-based prescription medication known on the streets as "drug store heroin."

Tagert died inside Hop-fer's home of drug toxicity, according to an autopsy report.

At the time of the incident, Hopfer worked as a nurse at Chester County Hospital in West Chester.

Assistant District Attor-ney Lorraine M.B. Finne-gan amended the criminal complaint in Honey Brook District Court just before Hopfer waived his right at a preliminary hearing.

The defendant remains charged with drug delivery resulting in death, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, drug offenses and related charges.

Finnegan withdrew two charges against the Honey Brook Township man: tampering with or fabricating evidence, and receiving stolen property.

Magisterial District Judge Michael J. Cabry III held all the remaining charges for trial in Common Pleas Court and scheduled the defendant's formal arraignment for April 13.

Hopfer appeared at the hearing with his attorney Ronald C. Greenblatt, and he did not speak during the proceeding.

Several members of the victims family also were in the courtroom.

According to Pennsy-lvania State Police, Hopfer allegedly began injecting dilaudid into himself, Tagert, the victim's friend, and the defendant's brother inside the defendant's home on the evening of Dec. 6.

The victim's friend, Kourtney L. Rowe, reportedly told investigators Hopfer had said the drugs were confiscated from a patient admitted to Chester County Hospital.

Hopfer allegedly injected the painkiller several times over the course of the night into a port he had placed in Tagert's foot, reports said.

The last time Tagert ingested the drugs Hopfer reportedly told Rowe "he thought he had mixed up syringes and given (the victim) 10 milligrams in-stead of five milligrams," reports stated.

Shortly after, Tagert collapsed face down on the floor. Rowe told officers when Hopfer rolled her over, the victim had vomited, was unresponsive, and her lips and fingertips were blue.

Hopfer performed CPR, and Tagert began breathing again, according to the witness.

Rowe left the house, and Tagert died a couple hours later.

The defendant has denied supplying drugs to the woman. He told police Tagert arrived at his home high on oxycontin and passed out around 11 p.m.'

Around 1 a.m. Hopfer said he noticed the woman had stopped breathing and he called paramedics.

Hopfer remains free on $250,000 bail pending his trial.

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