On Sept. 15, the zoning hearing board approved a special exception for Joe Budis to build an access road over a flood plain. Budis has presented plans for 35 townhouses on 3.38 acres in Honey Brook Borough and a house and barn on 2.47 acres in Honey Brook Township. Both parcels are zoned residential. All dwellings will be provided with public water and sewage.

The flag lot is located on the north side of Walnut Road just at the eastern boundary of the borough. Township Manager Mike Brown said "There are several springs on the land, which feed into stream, and then form the headwaters of the eastern part of the Brandywine Creek that flows through Downingtown."

Budis said, "He will not disturb the small springs."

Resident Craig Howe who owns land east of the entrance of the parcel of land objected to the heavy traffic flow from the development. The expected density of traffic flow is higher than what is permitted in the township. Howe also complained about stormwater.

"Budis had purchased the land from Jonas Stoltzfus about a year ago. Honey Brook Borough condemned the land in September 2002. The Borough had the intention of using it as a park. In June 2003, the judge overthrew the Borough's claim," said Brown.

Both Chairwoman Michal Jany and supervisor Don Johnson are concerned about stormwater runoff. Jany said the private street will have to be built to township standards. She said there have been rumors Budis might locate a business there.

The Zoning Hearing Board also approved a special exception for Levi Kauffman of September Road. He plans to construct small ornamental wooden windmills which some people have in their yards.

Consideration for a variance for William Devine before the zoning hearing board has been postponed. Devine, of Quarry Road, has a trash truck business. He has parked the trucks (one or more) along the road for several years. Brown said trucks are not permitted to be parked along the road anywhere in the township.

The Zoning Hearing Board will consider a request for a variance by Turkey Hill Market along Route 322 in Rockville. Under consideration will be the locations of the gas pumps, sign and canopy. The supervisors support the requests of Turkey Hill Minute Market.

Jany said. "In such events as the five kilometer run, which was planned for the Harmony Day Festivities, the sponsor of the event should provide their own policing. The Honey Brook YMCA, which is sponsoring the run had asked for the police department and the fire police to direct traffic.

Jany said, "Tel Hai was requested to provide their own people to direct traffic at their annual run.

Johnson said "We should treat everyone the same."

"Any organization which has a request involving township that personnel should not wait until just before the event to make a request, " Jany added. "We should treat all people alike," she said. Johnson said he had no objection to the run.

The zoning hearing board had denied a request by the Maple Inn to expand. A request had been made to create an outside eating area with picnic tables. The Maple Inn had expanded several times in the past and was already way beyond the directives permitted in the zoning ordinance.

The Zoning Hearing Boar granted Levi Stoltzfus a variance for screening and expansion of a nonconforming use. They denied the placement of a dust collector. He was granted a special exception to cross a flood hazard. His business is located along Route 322 east of the borough. A neighbor had complained about stormwater being diverted, several months ago, on to his driveway.

Approval was granted for Emmanuel Stoltzfus of North Birdell Road to subdivide two, two acre lots from his main farm. Waivers were approved for Jacob Lantz of Morgantown Road. He wants to rearrange lot lines.

The appointment of an emergency management coordinator was tabled until the October meeting.

The Honey Brook Township Police department received 360 calls for service in August. Of those, 66 were for the State Police. There were 44 traffic arrests. There were 10 non traffic arrests. Two adults were arrested for D.U.I. One adult was arrested for assault. There were two calls for domestic violence.

Seven traffic accidents were investigated by the police. There were 43 ambulance calls. There were 10 911 calls. There were two reports of missing persons. A complete police report is available at the police department office.

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