Sgt. Miller, son of Naomi Miller of Honey Brook and the late George Miller, is an American Special Operations soldier who scans the hills of Afghanistan through the open door of a big Chinook helicopter looking for terrorists.

He joined the United States Army following graduation from Twin Valley High School in 1988. Miller recently was decorated with the Army Commendation Medal. The medal is awarded to those individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement or meritorious service in the performance of their duties on behalf of the Army.

He received the medal while assigned as a powertrain shop maintenance supervisor with Charlie Company, 25th Aviation Regiment at Wheeler Army Airfield in Oahu, Hawaii.

In July Miller was assigned to Special Operations based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He took five weeks of rigid training upon arriving in Kentucky.

In a recent letter to his mother David said, "Mom, Hi I wanted you to know I'm alright. It's pretty rough, putting in 18-hour days, doing a lot of flying. Can't tell you where I 'm at or what I am doing. I had a pretty close call a few weeks ago, we took some fire."

This past week his mom received a phone call from him in the wee hours of the morning. He told her, "I can't tell you where I am," but reassured her that he was fine.

She told him " we all know where your are." His sister, Audrey Cleaver was on the train to Philadelphia when she picked up the Philadelphia Metro. His picture was on the front page. Within a few days an Associated Press released a color photo of him sitting at an open door of a Chinook helicopter that was scanning the hills of Afghanistan. The photo appeared in the November 26 issues of Time Magazine and Newsweek. The photo was also in the front of the Sunday, November 18, Philadelphia Inquirer.

How does his mother cope with knowing he is on such a dangerous mission? "I feel he has a guardian angel," she said. She is handling it quite well and admits she does have her moments and anxious times. These happen mostly when you hear someone has been killed. She said this is also true when he was

in training. She said she had a bad day a couple a weeks ago when CNN had reported a helicopter crashed in enemy territory. She said what helps most is people talking to her and "telling me that David is in their prayers. This helps just knowing that so many people are praying for him.

David always enjoyed camping with his family and even camped while stationed in Hawaii. When he was growing up he was always surrounded by his three sisters, Ruthann Kistler of Denver, Audrey Cleaver of Honey Brook and Dorothy Perry of East Fallowfield.

He was active in the Honey Brook Fire Company prior to joining the Army. He joined while in high school as a junior fireman.

In 1991 David was stationed in Germany during the Gulf War. From Germany he was sent to Italy, but never went to the Persian Gulf. He plans to make the Army a career.

While David is out hunting for Bin Laden in the night skies over Afghanistan, it would be nice to remember him with a Christmas card or note from the states. Because of being in Special Operations his mail should be addressed to: Sgt. George David Miller, C/O MSG Pennell, BLDG 7272, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, 42223.

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