Nov. 21, 2010 - Chairman Lew Wertley said there will be no increase in the earned income tax. He said the state has mandated in an effort to adjust the county tax collection there would be one agency to collect the earned income tax throughout the 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

'After the package was put out for bids, Keystone was able to the come up with lower costs than Berkheimer Associates. The only thing taking place is a change in the tax collector,' Wertley said.

A new resident, formerly from western Pennsylvania, asked about the open space tax. He asked why the developer could not set aside open space when they plan a development. Wertley said a requirement in many developments is that the developers do provide some open space and space for recreation, but added that this is different than preserving farmland and other open space.

John McHugh, chairman of the Honey Brook Land Preservation Committee said Honey Brook has preserved about 500 acres of open space this year and has options on seven other parcels.

Wertley said the open space referendum was on the ballot and that people in the township went to vote on it.

'The majority of those who voted in favor of the open space referendum were from this side of the township, not the Tel Hai side or from any other retirement community,' countered Wertley, 'the vote was close with a small difference of perhaps 5 votes. Any advertisements alluding to an increase in taxes were done by a private citizen. The township had nothing to do with it.'

Township Land Planner Heath Eddy said Keystone Agency will collect the Earned Income Tax, and that Berkheimer Associates will collect the Property Tax. The Twin Valley School District collects the real estate or school tax and Chester County will transfer the real estate transfer due the township to the local municipality.

A resident living along Route 322 complained about a variety of noises she said to be excessive. She has complained to the State Police. She asked who in the township will enforce the code. She said that some of the noise is from the bar across the highway, and that other noise comes from music vibrating from cars.

Office Manager Toni Antonnini said our code enforcement officer handles such complaints.

Fenstermacher said some people are objecting to the offensive smells coming from the Dead Animal Removal (DAR) composting area located in the vicinity of Cambridge Road. A spokesperson from DAR said they use a composting process which eats up the animal in a short time. He said about a year-and-a-half ago the government became concerned that the process used by many places to dispose of dead farm animals might permit the spread of mad cow disease, so places like Valley Protein could no longer take dead farm animals, and that this was why they started their service to farmers.

DAR is working on the issue by putting in a new solar digester which will reduce the odor. DAR is a service to the public approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

A resident living near the composting operation said that it is not a pleasant smell, but is bearable, and added that it occurs one day a week or a few days during the summer.

Fenstermacher said that the Township talked to the Amish neighbors, who like the service because it is free. Twenty to 30 animals are composted weekly. There is no limit on the permit.

Wertley said the engineering firms which work for the township and Honey Brook Borough periodically update the wastewater management plan. They plan on what areas will have public sewer available and what areas will not have public sewers.

Tom Imperato, speaking in behalf of Keystone Custom Homes said the developer is interested in purchasing the White Horse Glen Development located along Route 322, from the bank which now owns it. Because of the economic slow down, Keystone Homes is asking for some waivers. Wertley told him that the Township will work with them in order to get something started.

In response to Imperato's alluding to it as a source of income to the township, Wertley said "each development costs us... ...we don't have to get started on that."

The 2011 budget will be advertised.

The Brandywine Struble Greenway Initiative was approved.

Wertley said a volunteer is needed to run for a position on the Board of Directors for the Honey Brook Library.

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