Plans for Waynesburg Meadow proposed for the area of Griesen and Chestnut Tree roads were rejected by the Board of Supervisors. Township Engineer Jeff Kerlin said the developer failed to fulfill the requirements of the subdivision ordinance. Chairwoman Michal Jany said there is no capacity at the treatment plant to accept wastewater from the development. The location is not in the area for which off-site treatment is planned. Also most of the land will not permit on site treatment systems.

No representative from the developers was present.

An amendment was approved to an ordinance which regulates additions to structures which do not conform to township guidelines. Honey Brook Township Attorney John Good said a lawful non-conforming structure may be enlarged if the addition does not extend the non-forming use. With the approval of the amendment, additions may be made by right. Before, applicants had to go the Zoning Hearing Board.

After some discussion the supervisors agreed that if a tax collector were elected that person would only be compensated at $50 per year. The present tax collector does not intend to run for re-election. It is considered to have Berkhimer Associates collect the local taxes or they may be collected by the Honey Brook Township office.

Two 25 mph speed limit signs have been placed along Dampman Road. A 90-day extension was granted to Doutrich Homes. A development for residents 55 and older, using a cluster arrangement, is proposed near the Honey Brook Golf Course. Zook Molasses on Horseshoe Pike has submitted new construction plans.

Jany said the township will assume the cost of trash clean up and removal from the James Umble Memorial Park on Supplee Road. The cost of electricity will also be assumed by the township. Jany said everything in the park will be inspected to be certain it is operating properly prior to an inspection by the Health Department in April.

Jany said township officials prefer that Harmony Day activities be held at a location other than the township park.

The Tel Hai annual run will be held on June 9. Jany said township officials are not in favor of closing the Beaver Dam Road. Jany said the committee in charge of the affair should provide for security and traffic control. She also said she did not think it was the township's responsibility to establish detours for traffic.

Supervisors Don Johnson and Pete Draper agreed that if the organizers of the affair need the police or fire police, they can hire Honey Brook Township officers or contact the fire company.

During January, the Honey Brook Township police department received 301 calls for service. Fifty traffic citations were issued. Two non-traffic citations were also issued. There were 11 vehicle accidents investigated by the police.

Two adults were arrested for DUI; three on warrants, and two adults for simple assault.

In another matter, Draper suggested that there should be a follow-up inspection of a property to determine if the dictates of a decision by the Zoning Hearing Board are followed. He suggested to Kerlin that they consider the decisions of the Zoning Hearing Board for the prior 24 months. However, there was no vote or final decision made.

There was some discussion of inspections of sites used for rural occupations to make certain they meet established guidelines. No decision was made.

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