Fire and emergency service coverage also was a primary issue for discussion as some confusion has developed over coverage assignments.

Permission for a traffic signal at the intersection of Swamp Road and Route 23 has been granted by PennDOT said Larry Turoscy, representing MTM Properties. Turoscy said widening Route 23 on the north side and installation of curbing on the north side would be paid by Automotive Services, which has had an interest in developing the corner of Route 23 and Swamp Road.

Supervisor Dan Mitchell said he thought the plans were in limbo. Turoscy said he was not sure. He had been working with their engineer from Reading.

Township Roadmaster Ron Highfield asked Turoscy who would pay for painting traffic guidelines on the roads, the traffic signal and electricity. Turoscy said MTM Properties would pay for traffic signal maintenance and escrow. Turoscy said he would bring people here to explain how the traffic signals can be synchronized to turn green in the path of emergency vehicles.

Turoscy said MTM Properties plans to start constructing an extension of Morview Road into the Hoover property development to be private. He asked for a letter from the township assuring them the streets would be privately maintained.

Turoscy said he had been in contact with the engineer from Caernarvon Township/Berks County about providing additional sewage disposal. He said Caernarvon/Berks will provide for sewage if it is paid for by the developer. Mitchell said they want a commitment of funds which cannot be withdrawn. Mitchell said, "Before we make a commitment to the Caernarvon Municipal Authority, we have to be sure we will be reimbursed by you.'

A letter to the supervisors from the Goodville Fire Company stated some of the roads assigned to Goodville were no long listed as such by Lancaster County Emergency Services. Several years ago, after a study of response times, the Caernarvon Township supervisors passed a resolution assigning the roads to Goodville as the primary responding fire company.

Sections of Weaverland Road, Main Street, Liga Law Road, Spring Hollow Road and a section of Route 322 were listed in the letter as areas that by resolution had been signed to the Goodville Fire Company. The sections of road appear to be in Caernarvon Township. Fire Chief Menno Martin said correcting the problems would help to eliminate a lot of confusion on emergency calls in the area.

Mitchell said the response time to an emergency determines the areas of coverage. Secretary Jenny Roy said she was contacted by telephone that the fire companies would work it out among themselves without township intervention.

Mitchell said a third party traveled the roads and made recommendations. He said he is upset the fire company went and changed it. Supervisor Mike Shoup said, "Give the fire companies an opportunity to solve it and give us a letter to that understanding.'

Resident Ray Haldeman said Caernarvon Township is served by Elverson, Honey Brook Churchtown, Goodville, Fivepointsville, New Holland and Morgantown. Goodville, Elverson, Fivepointsville and New Holland provide rescue service. That is the reason for these problems. He said bickering over service areas upset people. Mitchell said that when service areas are determined, fire companies should abide by the decision.

Chairman Doug Maitland said he attended a meeting with members of the Churchtown Fire Company. He said they discussed issues relating to the use of the building for municipal purposes. "We know where each of us stands,' he said. "We have complete respect for each other.'

There was no decision as to where the computer and related equipment for the emergency management coordinator would be located.

Bob Watts, executive director of the Lanchester Landfill said there will be a picnic area available at the peak of the landfill. It will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sundays through Fall. The peak is 1,100 feet above sea level. The view of Lancaster and Chester counties, on a clear day, is fantastic according to Watts.

At the peak there is a small pavilion with two picnic tables. Directional signs will soon be installed and other routes will be blocked off. Information and maps are available at the main entrance off Route 322. For more information call (610) 273-3771.

The Chester County Solid Waste Authority through the Lanchester Landfill is going to donate the royalties received from users of a cellular tower at the peak of the landfill to the Caernarvon Elementary School. It will be about $250 a month. Sting Communications has erected a 30-foot communications tower for transmitting information. The two original customers are the Eastern Lancaster County School District and Martin's Quarries.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued permits for cell four and the new system for dispersing and recirculating leacheate throughout the landfill. Leacheate is the water collected which has seeped through rubbish.

Watts said operating hours at the landfill will be extended until 2 p.m. on Saturdays after holidays. There are six holidays a year when trash is picked up on Saturdays after the holiday. The normal operating hours are from 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Highfield said permission was granted to expand the township garage on Boot Jack Road. He said he will help draw up plans for the garage. He said road improvements will be done on Liga Law Road and then work will start on Glick Road. He said they are waiting on additional information on transfer of maintenance on Turkey Hill and Brown roads from PennDOT to the township.

Highfield said he has notified PennDOT about safety issues related to the iron bridge over the Conestoga Creek on Shirktown Road.

Highfield said some of the improvements on California Road, which Fisher Engineering recommended, have been done by PennDOT. PennDOT is planning to transfer maintenance of California Road to the township. Before main

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