. Preliminary discussion on use for a land parcel adjacent to Elverson Borough, lying between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 401.

An ordinance was adopted by the supervisors to organize and authorize a joint municipal sewer authority, West Nantmeal and Warwick Township are the other members of the Nantmeal/Warwick Joint Sewer Authority.

Township Attorney Jane Shields said the agreement permits the sewer authority to become an entity and exist. She said the design of the treatment plant is confined to the land development plan and it is not to be enlarged beyond the subdivision without the agreement of the municipalities involved.

Chairman Wesley Sessa said the authority is designed to serve 36 homes and a four-unit dwelling in East Nantmeal Township, 68 townhomes in Warwick Township to be built as a village, and 32 homes in West Nantmeal Township. There is a possible addition of up to 300 units in West Nantmeal Township. The treatment plant would be located in Warwick Township behind the present Renkert house which would become the clubhouse for the French Creek Golf Course. The general areas for the development is west of Route 345 on both sides of Route 401.

Supervisor Jim Jenkins said no township employees would be involved in operating the treatment plant. Shields said township representatives to the authority would review records periodically. Merle Stoltzfus said the homeowners will pay the cost of the plant in a user fee when they purchase a home.

Sessa said the sewer authority is responsible for long-range problems. Shields said the sewer authority will have the option to purchase the operation if it is sold. She said if there is a problem with maintenance, the costs will be borne by the users.

At present each township generates about one third of the effluent to the plant.

Supervisor Jenkins said Stoltzfus Enterprises has an option to purchase land between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 401 adjacent to Elverson Borough. This is the land for the proposed 300 units in West Nantmeal Township and zoned high density. Stoltzfus said that phase is eight to 10 years down the road. A resident asked about traffic control relating to the area designated for high density development. Sessa said a traffic study had already been done. Another resident asked about the effect on the Great Marsh. Another resident commented, "There goes the country.' Sessa pointed out that the development isn't even in East Nantmeal Township.

John Hoekstra, director of the Green Valleys Association said the plans for the development proposed for 300 dwellings would be reviewed as they develop. Hoekstra said Stoltzfus had consulted with the Green Valleys Association and their consultants about sustainable water resources for the golf courses and villages. Hoekstra said the water supply was adequate.

Hoekstra said when development does occur it has to abide by principle they hope to have in place. The development is supposed to be supplied by the Elverson Water Supply. Waste water is to be reintroduced into the ground so the water will not be displaced. Treated waste water is to be used for spray irrigation on the golf course.

Matt Magovern, code enforcement officer, said part of the land where the French Creek Elementary School is in South Coventry Township and part is located in East Nantmeal Township. The location of the sign for the school is in East Nantmeal Township. The planning commission will consider details for the size, location and appearance of the sign.

A resolution was adopted to include about 19 acres owned by Ann Perry into the agricultural security zone. It is located near Johns and Hollow roads.

The supervisors plan to take action April 5 on a proposal by SBA Communications to place a cellular phone tower on the McAfee property on Millard Road. Ed Bacon, chairman of the planning commission, said there are currently two uses for the property. Those are residence and as a automotive repair garage. He said the tower introduces a third use.

However, Shields said the communications tower is an accessory use. She said she would look into the ordinance and determine the proper position. She said someone would show up occasionally and service the tower.

Chuck Yost, who lives near a dangerous curve on Route 401, told the supervisors there have been many traffic accidents there. He asked for some help in getting something done to help control traffic.

He said when Fairview Road was repaired recently, a problem was created that could only be corrected with a guard rail. He said if Route 401 is to be widened, it should be done right. He said cars have flipped and a car driven by a drunk driver ripped off the back of a house.

Sessa said they would arrange a meeting with officials from PennDOT about the problem. Also, a meeting would be held with local state representatives about problems related to the bad curve.

Sessa said Route 401 will be widened and resurfaced. Residents made several comments about what should be done with local roads.

Sessa said the grant expired which enabled the township to provide police services in addition to that provided by the Pennsylvania State Police. He said the state trooper/resident program was proposed, but it never developed.

Jenkins said offices from the Embreeville barracks of the State Police will come to East Nantmeal to discuss police related problems with residents. Sessa suggested residents should also write their representatives about police needs.

Several residents complained about large trucks using township roads. Roads have become soft after the long winter and large trucks are making a bad situation worse.

Supervisor Henry Osborne said there will be a collection for hazardous household materials May 12 at Owen J. Roberts High School. Residents should call the township building for details.

The East Nantmeal Historical Commission will meet at the township building March 21 at 7:30 p.m. There will be a meeting to consider changes to the zoning ordinance March 15 at 7:30 p.m. The Conservation Commission will meet on the third Thursday in April and May.

LTL Consultants has reviewed the fee schedule for various permits. Jenkins said the township has picked up the cost for many permits. Costs have risen faster than the income generated from fees. Fees have not increased since 1995. Adjustments in fees have been made.

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