. Alleged tree cutting violations were also reviewed.

Tow truck owners Ernie Barkman, Ernie Barkman Jr., Jane Ford, Ron Paulsen and Travis Stacey objected to another tow truck operator from Downingtown, who is almost always summoned by township personnel when a tow truck is needed. Barkman Sr. said, "We all pay taxes. There was an accident next door and they called Sanner out of Downingtown.

Paulsen said there was an accident out front and they called Sanners. Supervisor Chairman Michael Jany said Sanners was a taxpayer, also. She said, "We will make a list of people we can call for towing,' adding that the police manual makes no distinction in terms of preference. Jany said the State Police alternate towing calls.

Jany said, "We will establish some criteria which tow truck operators should meet. If you meet the criteria, you will be on a rotating list." Jane Ford said she would obtain different towing related policies and give them to Ruby Witman, township secretary.

A resident told the supervisors that many trees are being cut down at Deer Run Mobile Home Park at Birdell Road and Route 322. The first phase of expansion will provide for about 40 double-wide units is underway. Supervisor Pete Draper said a pre-construction meeting was held on April 26.

An ordinance was adopted which establishes criteria for placing stop signs at certain locations.

Jany said thanks to State Sen. Jim Gerlach and State Rep. Tim Hennessey for helping to obtain a Department of Community and Economic Development Grant for $75,000. The funds will be used to help to pay for the Walnut Street Bridge.

Jany said the township fire police will be available to direct traffic during the Tel Hai Run on June 9, if they are needed.

A resolution was approved to improve regulations for fees relating to construction. Witman said if a permit expires, it can be renewed for another period of six months. If construction is not started within that time, the company or person doing the work must apply for a new permit.

Tel Hai Retirement Community was granted permission for a small addition to the nursing center. There will be no additional clients or services. The maintenance area will be enlarged. A small addition to the personal care section will provide for patients with Alzheimer's disease.

The zoning hearing board will hear a request to erect a cellular telephone transmission tower on the property of John and Barbara Kauffman along Beaver Dam Road at Route 10. Also, Daniel U. Kauffman is requesting permission to attach a mobile home to the house. Regulations are that an addition cannot exceed 50 percent of the size of the house. The date of the hearing is June 4.

The Honey Brook Township Planning Commission will meet on the fourth Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be May 24 at 7 p.m.

Jany said a car showroom along Route 10, just south of the Borough, was sold to Ray Carr by Lew Frame late in 2000. A tax exemption was obtained for the showroom. Draper said it is supposed to be a museum. He said the school district will not contest the tax exemption. Jany said she will keep an eye on it.

A waiver was approved for a five-lot development on Cambridge Road for Shanahan/Simmers. A fee of $1,000 per lot for recreational purposes will be accepted in lieu of putting aside one quarter acre per lot for open space. Conditional final approval was granted for plans of David Rotelle on Mill Road. Final approval was granted for plans for Barry Kirkner of Horseshoe Pike.

Conditional final plan approval was granted to Joseph Fenstermacher. A fee in lieu of setting aside acreage was accepted for Hill Brook Farms, a 22-lot development on Beaver Dam Road. Extensions were granted for Doutrich homes, Zook Molasses and Barry Taggert.

Honey Brook Township Police received 363 calls for service in April. There were 43 traffic citations issued and eight non-traffic citations. There were no traffic accidents investigated in April. Two adults were arrested for theft of firearms. One adult was arrested for simple assault.

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