Concerns were also raised over the preliminary plan for the French Creek Golf Course development.

Warwick and East Nantmeal townships had already held hearings and had approved the formation of a joint sewer authority.

The authority will be composed of two representatives from each member township. It will oversee the operation of a treatment plant which will be built on the western edge of Warwick Township in an area back of the barn on the Renkert tract. It will be built by Stoltzfus Enterprises to treat the effluent from the French Creek Golf Course, a village of about 25 homes for members of that golf course, a small village for members of Stonewall Golf Course, and a small hamlet in Warwick Township. Later a 200-to-300 high-density development on land between the turnpike and Route 401, bordering the borough of Elverson will be built and added to the system.

The preliminary plan for the French Creek Golf Course was approved, with conditions, after a very lengthy discussion. Driveways serving the homes in the village for club members must meet township regulations regarding slope. The road servicing the homes must be built to certain specifications.

Tim Bernard, the attorney for the applicant, and Matt Hoopman, engineer for the project, had told the supervisors they were looking for preliminary approval of the plans for the golf course. Bernard said the final plans were almost complete. He said they have obtained most of the permits needed.

The developers have purchased properties with three existing homes. They have negotiated with another property owner to help provide better access to the land where the golf course will be located. They hope to reduce any impact on natural resources such as streams.

However, Supervisor Chairman Gary Elston said the pitch of the road and the grade of several driveways was in excess of West Nantmeal Township specifications. Elston said the road is going to belong to someone at some time. "We have given you waivers in excess of what is reasonable," he reminded. "If someone is hurt it will come back to us.'

Supervisor Omar Beam agreed with Elston. He said, "If we approve this plan as it is we would be stretching the law beyond what is permissible for the future residents of this township.'

Elston said three are township ordinances which set limits on the grades of private driveways. He said the other issue is the street. Stoltzfus said he has been considering the issues related to the road for two years. He said if he couldn't get a waiver, he wasn't going to go ahead with the golf course. Bernard said he felt there was mutual understanding with the planning commission about remedying the problems.

Stoltzfus said he attempted to design the golf course to the lay of the land, not to cut and fill. The steepest driveway is a 14 percent grade.

Bernard said we will make changes. Elston said we are concerned about the health and welfare of the property owners. The road will be 300 feet in length with no sidewalks. Curves in the road will be super-elevated. Bernard said they had a deadline to meet. He pleaded for a letter to PennDOT to facilitate the project.

In other business, Russ Yerkes, zoning officer, said two building permits had been issued. The new fee schedule for permits was in use and was working well. Yerkes will be at the township office on Wednesdays from 9 to 11 a.m. to help residents with building and zoning related problems. Yerkes said he would checkout signs at the former Burkholder farm on Route 82, as well as a business on Creek Road.

A resident who owns about 29 acres of land complained of neighbors with dirt bikes. He said the constant revving of motors is worse than a chain saw and that the neighbors are arrogant. He told him if they didn't like it "they could go back to the city.' He said snowmobiles and dirt bikes go across his property. The resident asked about the noise ordinance and how to enforce it.

He said other children in the neighborhood also bring dirt bikes across his land and gave the supervisors a copy of an ordinance Wallace Township has to control off road vehicles. He said he and his wife like gardening and like to work outside. He said the situation is worse on weekends.

Elston said the noise ordinance limits sound to 60 decibles at the property line. It addresses constant and repeated noise. "Maybe the state police can apprehend some of them,' he commented. Yerkes said he will work with the resident.

Trish Egan asked about landscaping improvements on lot 13 in Glenmoore Woods Development. Berms to control stormwater are needed. Heavy stormwater run-off has caused mud and silt to flow into her inground pool. Elston said plans for the lot from which the stormwater runs called for only 25 percent of the trees to be removed, not 75 percent. The developer is supposed to make some landscaping improvements. Elston said he hopes something constructive gets done.

Bill Shoemaker of Barneston Hill wanted information on road improvements planned on Route 82 at the entrance to a planned development. Elston said five feet may be taken from the east side of Route 82 and the remainder for the west side for improvements. A turn lane will be built. He said sight distance appears to be adequate. No trees will be removed.

The speed limit on the hill will be reduced again. Elston told Shoemaker he could come to the township office any time from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Wednesday to look at the plans. He said the developers had a very good traffic study done by a reputable company.

Eleanor Morris of the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust said she had intended to be present at the hearing for the Municipal Authority, but was detained. She said, "We are working with farmers to preserve open space in Northern Chester County.' She said the state and Vanguard are going to work with them.

Elston said farmland equaling 19 percent of the township has preservation easements on it. Morris said she was terrified that Vanguard would have 10,000 employees less than 10 miles away who will destroy our land.

A public hearing will be held before there can be an agreement to renew a cable television franchise with Suburban Cable. Caernarvon Township/Berks County is interested in doing a traffic study in anticipation of all of the construction which is planned for the township.

PennDOT has asked that West Nantmeal Township provide snow removal on Little Conestoga Road. An aerial survey was done of the park and recreation area next to the township building. Hopefully, the survey will aid in future recreational development.

Susan Ward said on June 14 members of the West Nantmeal Historical Association will travel to the Philadelphia Historical Society. She said that group has a lot of information on West Nantmeal Township. Anyone who would like to go on the trip to Philadelphia should contact Ward at (610) 286-9722.

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