In response to the complaints about speeding at the s-curve on East Earl Road in the village of East Earl, Chairman Dave Zimmerman said the board could lower the speed limit from 35 mph.

'We could fix the signs and make them more reflective,' he said. 'Our Traffic Engineer (Doug Plank) has looked at the situation.'

East Earl Chief of Police Kevin McCarthy said there have been three small accidents near the dentist's office on East Earl Road, and that Plank suggested eliminating three parking spaces near the road.

'There has been very good cooperation,' McCarthy said. 'A couple of police officers have been doing traffic enforcement along East Earl Road. Eagle Disposal is not the problem… …the problem is cars backing out onto the road at the turn.'

A way to allow cars to turn around instead of backing out into the road is being looked in to. Approval was granted for the township engineer E.L.A. to study the curve on East Earl Road.

Ed Eby plans to expand his feed business to part of the building owned by Superior Walls along East Earl Road. There will be no other improvements than an improved parking area. The final plan was approved and waivers were granted.

Zimmerman said the base has been completed on Weaverland Road, but they will wait until 2013 to top it off. New signs have been put up. Plans are to resurface the hill on Weaverland Road near the cemetery this fall, as soon as all of the pipes have been replaced and the aprons finished.

Sam Gehman of Reinholds has been hired as a member of the township Road Crew, said Zimmerman.

In August, Zoning Officer Shaun Seymour issued 11 building permits with a value of $227,000. Fees of $2170 were taken in.

Contractors have located a place where they can construct a fire resistant fire escape at the Eby Rooming House on Route 322.

Seymour said he spent some time explaining the reasons why there cannot be a roadside produce stand without parking spaces along Turkey Hill Road. The family hosting the stand will make some changes to comply with his suggestions. The kids involved in the stand are really enthusiastic about the project.

Seymour was praised for attention given to a potential stormwater problem during grading for a new home along Dawkins Drive at Cheltenham. Seymour remained at the location until the contractor graded the land in a manner to eliminate flooding on a neighbor's property.

Safety Coordinator Bill Shirk said in August the Safety Committee inspected the Police Department and found no violations. On September 22 the committee will meet at the Municipal Building.

Shirk has been informed by the Emergency Management Coordinator that as of Sept. 3 there will be a $250 fine levied on a motorist who drives around 'Road Closed' barricades. If there is an injury the fine will increase to $500. And there is an added cost of the equipment needed for any rescue.

In August, the East Earl Police Department answered 161calls for service, investigated 14 traffic accidents andconducted19 criminal investigations. In Terre Hill Borough the department answered 19 calls for service, investigated a traffic accident and conducted a criminal investigation. The department issued 95 traffic citations and arrested 10 individuals for crime code violations. McCarthy said the police report is available at the East Earl Township office and at the Terre Hill Borough office.

A joint public safety meeting is being planned with the Terre Hill Council in the near future. The meetings are planned for twice each year to review police related matters, said McCarthy.

Stormwater management plans were approved for Michael Stoltzfus, Matthew Shirk, Martin Limestone, John David Hoover and John Kauffman. Plans for Harold Zeiset were tabled until October. An extension was approved for plans submitted by Petra Christian Fellowship.

Zimmerman said a public meeting will be held in early October for state and county dedication of the Conestoga Ridge Scenic Byway. The Byway extends from Route 322 along Weaverland Road to Route 897 and to Route 23 to Morgantown.

The Zoning Hearing Board approved a proposal by Lanzelot Promenades to provide wagon rides in the vicinity of Shady Maple Market.

A request by a land owner to clear more woodland than permitted was denied, said Zimmerman.

The Goodville Fire Company is sponsoring a 100 year anniversary celebration on October 13. Supervisor Earl Kreider said 'we will be involved.' Supervisor Joe Shriver said the parade is planned for 2 p.m. He said the tentative route is for the parade to pass through town to Brendle Road, to Route 625, to Weaverland Road and to Spring Grove Road before then returning to Goodville. A donation of $200 was given for the parade. Zimmerman, Kreider and Shriver will attend.

Paul Nolt said the Blue Ball Fire Company is looking for funding in line with the company's merging with the New Holland Fire Department through the end of 2012. Shriver said the donation is based on a percentage determined by the run area and is made in December.

Shirk said the Goodville and Terre Hill Fire Companies are also interested in similar information to benefit their planned merger. They are getting legal help to iron out the details of the merger.

The engineering agreement for the replacement of the bridge over the Conestoga Creek has been completed. No date has been set for the work to begin.

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