It is hard to believe that the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina occ-urred almost a year ago. But, even though the hurricane itself has long been gone, the devastating effects of the event continue to trouble those who live/d in the areas that were demolished by the disaster.

One of the problems that the shelters are having in the areas devastated by the storm is a lack of drinking water.

But, a local couple is taking action to help the individuals who are still in dire need of support from their fellow countrymen.

John and Stacey Merr-oth, members of Wye-brook Baptist Church in Elverson, have devised a plan to provide a shelter, associated with Celebra-tion Church in New Or-leans, with a tractor trailer load of bottled water.

The Merroths, who are leaving with the load of water on July 8, are volunteering their vacation time to drive the load down to New Orleans and then return home.

John was able to acquire the truck from Ryder Trucking Company at a discounted rate and Wal Mart, of Morgan-town, provided the water at a discounted price.

The cost of fuel, along with the truck rental and the cost of the water, brings the total cost of this project to $6,000. The truck is able to hold 18 pallets of water, so the cost per pallet is just over $333.

The Merroths are trying to acquire monetary donations in order to fund the worthy project. As of Sunday, June 11, funds for four skids had already been received.

Anyone wishing to do-nate money to this cause can drop donations off at the Tri County Record's office, which is located in the loft above Martin's Country Market in Mor-gantown, or mail donations to Tri County Rec-ord, 150 Morview Blvd., Suite 201, Morgantown, PA 19543.

Before dismissing this article as another ploy to take your money, think of all the blessings that you and your family enjoy.

If you are sitting in your house reading this article then you are a king compared to the unfortunate individuals who have lost everything in the wake of the hurricane.

I want you to think about the victims of the hurricane every time you open your refrigerator, sit on your couch or walk through the door of your house because the people who have had their lives ravished by the hurricane have no home in which to do any of these things.

A donation of $1 makes a big difference. There are 20,000 copies of the Tri County Record that go out every Tuesday and Friday. Just think, if the number of people who donated $1 amounted to 1/3 of the circulation of the Tri County Record there would be a surplus of over $650.

So, I ask, is a $1 donation really going to force anyone to claim bankruptcy?

If you have any questions, please contact John Merroth at 484-880-0114.

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