We are Chris and Claudia Beiler, residents of Honey Brook Borough, and along with our friends Eaton and Rebecca Hopkins, we wanted to make the community aware of a new space in Honey Brook Borough that we are working hard on!

We purchased this old building in the center of the borough and have been working since last year on completing design plans and applying for the RACP State Grant. All four of us are invested in this building and passionate about our borough of Honey Brook becoming something wonderful! 

We are not able to financially put the amount of money needed into this building to turn it into what you see in the 3D renderings so we applied for a state grant that would help revitalize our community by bringing in something like this.

There is a 30-day public comment period open for this grant application — it started on Feb. 8 and continues until the end of February. It is during this time that the public can write or email and show their support for this project. Depending on how many letters they get is what determines whether they give the grant or not.

The web page is https://thechrisandclaudeco.com/honey-brook-warehouse-and-coffee-district/. Please comment and show your support for this space coming to Honey Brook.

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