New Holland's commitment to making farming easier for enhanced productivity is once again confirmed by the launch of the free 'Farming weather forecast and services by New Holland Agriculture' app which forms a key element of the overarching digital strategy. New Holland is the first in the agricultural sector to develop and launch such an application, which is distinct from the purely product based apps already on the market, and offers the increasing number of farmers and agribusinesses that use smart phone technology a comprehensive service.

The 'Farming weather forecast and services by New Holland Agriculture' app was initially launched in Brazil, in Portuguese, on the occasion of the Agrishow held from 30th April – 4th May in Ribeirão Preto and will be subsequently rolled out in Europe at the Cereals event, which takes place on 13th and 14th June at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire UK, as well as in North America.

The 'NH weather' app, which has been optimised for iPhones, and that can be downloaded from the Apple Store (, is set to become as important for farmers as traditional sources of information. Each morning, before starting their day, farmers and contractors will consult their personalised application to confirm or modify their day's plans. A whole host of information is available at their fingertips, from 24 hour to long range forecasting, the latest industry news and even a service which enables them to easily contact their local dealer for further information.

Accurate weather forecasting is a prerequisite for efficient and productive farming, and the 'NH weather' app provides exceptionally accurate local forecasts . Data is drawn from a network of over 71,000 weather stations, distributed across the world, and by using geo-location technology, data is received and analysed from the closest sub-station. A whole raft of information is available for browsing, including actual and feels like temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, of prime importance when spraying.

Another important parameter that is displayed is the evaporation rate, crucial when irrigation decisions are being made. The historical data can also be accessed to plot trends and manage seasonal working patterns. Long range, seven day forecasting will also assist professional contracting operations in efficient planning, as it will enable them to decide when it is best to sow, harvest or fertilise, for example, depending on the actual forecast. Frequently visited sites can be stored and recalled, an invaluable feature for contractors that operate over vast areas, in order to optimise weather sensitive tasks during busy harvesting or foraging windows. For operations which work in highly volatile climates, or those which experience unpredictable weather swings, an alert service can be activated which will send users a message on their smartphone, warning them of potentially difficult conditions, such as storms during the harvest season.

Users will also be able to peruse the latest agricultural news from the trade press, forums and blogs as well as from New Holland which are posted on the continually updated news feed.

A dealer locator has also be integrated into the package. The user's location is automatically recognised, or they can choose to use the search form, and their ten nearest dealers are then displayed. When the required dealer is selected, the contact card is shown which enables instant contact; the handy 'save to contacts' tab lets users store this data in their contact list for use at a later date. Users can even plan a route from their current location. This useful service will reduce costly downtime when urgent advice, parts or services are required during periods of intense activity.

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