If there were a sign that summer is rapidly coming to a close, it surfaced last Tuesday when ol' Morgan left the porch for Martins' Country Market. He likes an occasional Tasty pie and Martins' is as convenient a place as any to indulge this nutritional vice along with a cup o' joe. Time once was you could get a Tasty pie for 11 cents when Eisenhower was in the White House.

By the way, if you hadn't noticed, especially those who are "weak of taste," Martins' has added a decaf urn of coffee to the snack bar lineup that is so masterfully handled by Dot.

Well, as ol' Morgan neared the Tasty display, joy stirred his heart as he found a fair selection of pies on the shelf. This was unlike other times this summer when the pickins were slimmer.

The reason for this bountiful find just had to be that the kids are back in school. With his heart racing and a satisfied grin on his face, ol' Morgan made his move for an apple and a lemon pie. His Dad had a fondness for lemon; ol' Morgan is partial to the apple.

Then, in the checkout line, it hit him as those pies waited their turn for the scanner. No, a coupon-crazed shopper had not rammed ol' Morgan with a cart. Yikes! The price! No longer was it 50 cents a piece, two for a dollar. Pie prices had reverted to pre-summer levels of 89 cents per pie.

So, standing there with virtual pie on his face, ol' Morgan reached into his pocket and fished out an extra dollar to cover the price increase. Summer is surely fading into fall.

As a student of history, let ol' Morgan remind you that today, Sept. 11 is the 224th anniversary of the Battle of the Brandywine. Even though it resulted in a British victory, General Howe of his majesty's red coats remarked that his

regulars and Hessian mercenaries had not faced a rabble that had scurried for their lives, but rather an army that did not dissolve as it beat a retreat. Historians point to that Sept. day as the day the Continentals became a real army.

All around the Chadds Ford area lies that battlefield, at least the parts that have not been gobbled up by development. Just up Route 1 from Chadds Ford is the Brandywine Battlefield Museum. It's an ideal place to learn what happened that day, the skirmishes along Route 1 in Kennett Square that preceded the battle, the maneuvers across the Brandywine itself, the role of the still-standing Birmingham Friends Meeting House, and how Washington, Lafayette, and Mad Anthony Wayne managed to whip an army into shape in the face of defeat.

Over the wireless came some stirring news. Researchers at the Nestle Company have discovered that coffee does more than keep us awake. As you know, Ol' Morgan could have told you that. Their findings, however, point to the fact that coffee as an antioxidant can help the body in the battle against bad cholesterol.

Hmmm. Sounds like it's time to settle back with another cup o' joe, a Tasty pie, and count the days left in summer. First day of fall is September 22.

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