Just last week, ol' Morgan was starting to have visions of Spring in advance of its much awaited arrival set for March 20 at 8:30 a.m. EST.

Well, ol' Morgan, always curious about natural phenomena as he is, wanted to see how accurate The Old Farmer's Almanac had purported itself to be in view of another impending "storm of the century.' The Almanac had predicted heavy snow around the middle of March with this blustery stop in the calendar snowier than the months from November to February combined.

We're now in the middle of March and, ya know, it seems the Almanac was not that far off target, at least not for the folks up in New England. Save for the track and speed of the last storm, weather wizards were predicting up to two feet of snow for our region. Ol' Morgan must admit that would have produced some mighty fine shoveling conditions.

We all know what happened. Our portion of the Middle Atlantic States was spared. If you interpolate what the Almanac says... here, you do it: March 1-5: rain, mild; March 6-0: heavy, rain, cold; March 10-14: snowstorm, cold. What was that last one? Anyway, we did have some precipitation over those days.

By the way, ol' Morgan has to 'fess up something: he made a bad cup o' joe. Yup, it sometimes happens in the best of families, but the Tri County region's regent of the bean blew it one morning last week. Don't know what happened except ol' Morgan probably hurried the brewing process, and, YUK! Heaven help us!

That poor excuse for joe is what probably brought back a bad memory: the time ol' Morgan got flooded out of house and home. Oh, it happened a few years back. Seems the folks upstairs had gone away for the weekend. Ol' Morgan was looking to catch an Orioles' game at Memorial Stadium, except when he got back from picking up the cleaning early that Saturday morning, he thought the sound he heard in his foyer was somebody frying up some breakfast somewhere in the building.

Upon opening the door, ol' Morgan couldn't believe what he saw. Water was rushing in from every aperture and fixture in the ceiling and splashing down all over the place. Hence, a distant frying sound. At one point, ol' Morgan thought he was Captain Nemo fighting the North Atlantic.

After help arrived, it was discovered that the "perfect storm' had an interesting source upstairs. Seems that one of the hoses to the washing machine belonging to the folks overhead had sprung a leak which had apparently begun sometime Friday night.

The hole was not much bigger than the head of a pin, but the damage reached five figures including the ceiling. Well, after the tide went out and the insurance company came in, it took about six weeks for things to approach normal.

Here's the moral of the story: Make sure you have shutoff valves on the hoses to your washing machine, and be sure you use them. Just remember: righty, tighty; lefty, loosey. And your basement or wherever you have your washing machine will remain shipshape. Trust ol' Morgan on this one.

Over the wireless came news from England that a medical study done by a British university found that when older folks play bingo, they can mount a defense against the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. The Brits found that a good, hearty round of Bingo, done on a regular basis, can help keep the mind sharp.

Maybe the folks at the Friendship Fire Co. in Morgantown, the New Hanover Fire Co., Blue Ball Fire Co., and the Geigertown Fire Co. are on to something with their basket and meat Bingo nights. Ol' Morgan is ready to roll. But did he shut off those washing machine hoses?

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