The nation has spoken; we are a moral conservative people - liberalism not welcome here.

By: Carol Quaintance

The stock market is climbing, a sign pointing to people anticipating prosperity. The majority of the people and the Electoral College have declared George W. Bush the winner of the American vote for president of the United States.

The nation has spoken; we are a moral conservative people - liberalism not welcome here.

The best scripted Kerrywood play is not playing in any town today. Oh, they tried. Bruce Springsteen and others had a new venue and they played their hearts out to the fans. Michael Moore, filmmaker of Fahrenheit 9/11, the Dixie Chixs and tinsel town's finest are so disenchanted now. And I am so disappointed in their speech and behavior.

We live in a democracy that was fought for by our ancestors. The majority rules. Those are the rules. Kids pick up their marbles and go home.

Valley Forge and Washington, are everyday names in our neck of the woods. We have streets, towns, parks, academies and schools named after them.

Worship places of all faith are noticeable as you drive the local countryside.

Old dreams die hard, Robert Redford's blue eyes, blond hair, Hubbell - oh, the way we were.

You are betraying your image to your public, the public, who watched as you rose to stardom, who paved your life with golden coins even along the road into your sunset years. We watched the Sundance Films, where you made magic in a River Runs Through It,

We held our breaths watching you and Brad Pitt large on the screen in Spy Games, yes, we watched in suspense as the plot unraveled and you made us admire and adore you once again in this cat and mouse game.

The Horse Whisperer, what a beautiful story of triumph over the bitter taste of a crippled youth and a horse broken in body and spirit. Both reclaiming life with your ethereal healing and gentle heart, that was not to know a love that could not withstand the daylight of morality and family.

The press is reporting, "Robert Redford will leave the United States and find a new home in Ireland, due to the election results."

Tell me they are running a B Movie plot, floating it in the media, just to sell stories.

This is not the image on the screen, the film legend, the Hollywood Icon. "Hubbell, did you know that the moral vote was the loudest? Did you hear that in 11 states where the right for same-sex marriage was on the ballot defeated the measure? Did you see those results Hubbell, did you know that the Catholics and the Evangelicals came out in record numbers to vote?

Did you know we were trying to preserve American values? Just old fashioned, down home, patriotic Americans that had rooted for Gatsby, that young handsome man as he threw all those beautiful colored shirts around the room to show Daisy in the Great Gatsby, where you said, "Her voice sounded like money. "

Your movies are part of the culture, "The Sting" with its humor and the tune the 'Entertainer' and your grin, that sandy-haired topped handsome face covered with that grin as you came back from the dead on the floor of the speakeasy. Wow! How we all laughed at the sting.

You got 'em good. Yes you did and now - stop the movie, you are going to pick up your marbles and move to Ireland?

Now you got us good again, ha-ha-ha, okay, come back from the dead now, smile that killer smile and let the press know you got 'em good. Come on now you read the book. In the end the good guy wins.

Well fans go on or off the record its not over now until Robert Redford stops playing his little boy part. Memories...of "The Way We Were." I am listening at

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