Governor Corbett, I am writing to you as a concerned citizen. It is disturbing to see your administration implement so many budget cuts to education at a time when our economic future is at stake. Education is a necessary building block for the future of our children, the future of Pennsylvania and the future of this country. It is worrisome to contemplate the idea that your solution to funding, is to open our public schools to venture capitalists as though our children were stocks being traded for profit. It is indeed time you take a long hard look at your approach and realize that these children have just as much an impact on your future as they do on ours. There are much more feasible solutions and it is time that administrations like yours start realizing who it is that elected you, who pays your salary and take responsibility for the oaths you have made for the people you represent. Take a hard look at the budget and start making decisions that will benefit the greater good of your constituency versus a small number of extremely wealthy individuals and corporations. The issue of Education is one that crosses party lines. It is time for bipartisan cooperation. You must start taking productive initiatives as it is imperative that all children receive equitable education opportunities. Your budget cuts mean school closures, teacher layoffs, larger classrooms, reduction in curriculum...etc. There are many of us and we will not allow this to happen on our watch! I sincerely hope you will not allow it to happen on yours either. Do you want to be remembered as the Governor who enabled the deterioration of public education or would you rather be remembered as the Governor of the people, the one who revived the education system in Pennsylvania and created a strong economy for future generations? The choice is yours, it is your legacy.

Sincerely, Elise Chesson I invite all citizens alike to sign and share this petition in efforts to speak up for our children! No more budget cuts to Education.

We need 750 signatures, and there are currently 652 signatures. To sign the online petition go to

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