So, it was only three young brothers, their young sister, and their young cousin in Honey Brook creating original art, which they then put up for sale out front of their home to help kids in Afghanistan.

So, the money they donated didn't amount to much. But, the spirit and dedication that went into these efforts go far beyond anything that can be measured. Likewise for the efforts of other children, students, and people in the Tri County region that went to helping the victims of terrorism, here in the United States as well as in Afghanistan.

We hope that the spirit of community and charity that has recently flourished does not become soon forgotten as we as a nation and a region move on with the affairs of daily life.

Viewing pictures of September 11, now a little more than three months later but at times feeling like years later, should remind us as a nation and a community that one of our greatest strengths is our ability to come together and pull together.

It's a strength that can be applied on so many different levels in our region. Perhaps two that could stand some help are school board and township/borough meetings. It's almost one year since Morgantown Crossings took the headlines, and residents from Caernarvon/Berks and surrounding communities turned out in record numbers. Go to one of those meetings now, and you can have choice seating.

The actions of communities and school boards affect the Tri County region on all levels, not the least of which are the school system and the community itself. These are where those "pint-sized" patriots are taught and grow up.

If you're looking to make a New Year's resolution consider this: Resolve to attend at least six of these meetings in the coming year. Our future depends on it.

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