And rightfully so.

Both are seeking solutions to traffic intersections that have become hazards to their communities and everyone using those routes. It comes as no surprise that the intersection of routes 401 and 82 is at the top of West Nantmeal's and Elverson's list of traffic concerns they have presented to PennDOT.

PennDOT has indicated that a four-way stop at 401 and 82 may not be the appropriate solution. If so, what is? More and better-placed advance warning signs have been erected along 401 and 82, but that is only part of the solution.

Is a traffic light at that intersection the ultimate solution? Perhaps in the not-too-distant future this may be the action needed.

Sure, everything takes time, especially when dealing with a state agency. But, residents of our Tri County communities are becoming increasingly at risk when PennDOT keeps things in low gear regarding the safety of intersections like those mentioned above.

West Nantmeal and Elverson are to be complimented on their continuing efforts to get PennDOT's attention. The problems with intersections on high volume routes like 401, 345, 23, and 82 will only become greater with each

passing day, and PennDOT must be constantly reminded that not only the safety and well-being of travelers but also of Tri County residents are in the balance.

What can you do? For starters, call the PennDOT office that services your part of the Tri County region. Those telephone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page. Don't call once, call twice, three times, however long it takes to get PennDOT's attention. At the same time, encourage your elected officials to continue peppering PennDOT with requests for action.

Our safety and that of our children demand it.

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