So many people complain about the price of an average outdoor show. They don't know how to get their money's worth. If you can't recover the price of admission and parking fee from the bargains available, then you're not trying very hard.

Most retailers give show discounts wherever they are set up. I recall a dealer giving unbelievable prices on shotgun ammunition one year. Their magnum shells were cheaper than I have ever seen in a store. The idea was to make only a dollar on each sale but to have more sales than they ever could at their store location in just a few days.

Clothing sellers also give nice discounts. You'll find similar clothes at other booths and these prices can vary. Don't buy at the first place. Shop around. This can hold true for other places as well, so make a complete pass by all the store owners booths first.

Artists often offer show specials. They will reduce their prices in order to get you on their mailing lists.

Animal calls and fishing lures are big sellers at a typical outdoor show. Take your time at these places. They are abundant at most indoor events.

If you are like me and have a difficult time with proper calling techniques, a show is the place to make your purchase. Knowledgeable people are in charge of the display. It is easy to locate these places too. Just listen for the call you are interested in.

Using angling lures can be learned as experts show you how. They can make it look easy, however. When they pause to take questions ask them if you can give it a try. You'll get free professional advice which would be unavailable elsewhere.

The biggest discount hunters and fisherman can get is from a guide. Show specials can be up to 20 percent off on a trip. Ask them for references while you are there.

I once thought about booking a hunt with a particular guide. I met the owner at a show and was disappointed. His constant smoking and profanity would have irritated me during the entire trip. So I did not go. You, too, can discover whether or not you would like to spend a week with a particular guide. This is information you could not obtain through a letter or over the computer.

Here's a tip which can save you a lot of money. Take something to eat and drink with you if you plan on spending the day. Prices have gotten out of hand at some shows. I could not believe the outlandish costs for sandwiches, sodas and even bottled water.

Now that you have saved a small fortune you can make a donation to a poor outdoor writer's fund in care of this newspaper. Just kidding folks!!

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