It is good to be safety conscious. We all need to practice this around firearms whenever we are hunting, trapping and target shooting.

By Carl McCardell

It is good to be safety conscious. We all need to practice this around firearms whenever we are hunting, trapping and target shooting.

Some people get a little carried away with safety. There was a boy who was killed in a freak baseball accident several years ago. As he was pitching a line drive hit him in the chest. His heart stopped and he died before medical help arrived. The response by the townspeople was to make every little leaguer wear a chest protector at all times. Although this was an extremely rare accident all of the children were greatly hampered in their ability to play baseball due to fear.

Some accidents can be prevented with minor adjustments. Others can only be prevented if everyone was given a suit of bulletproof armor to wear at all times. Would you really want to be inconvenienced by wearing some bulky, uncomfortable outfit every day?

We cannot safety proof our world entirely. Some actions are not practical or financially productive. We would have to live in a protective bubble to be free of all accidents.

Freedom of choice and safety can clash at times. Our founding fathers came to this country for various reasons. One reason was they wanted to have freedom itself.

Our Constitution was founded upon Biblical principles. We do not have the freedom to violate these laws but we do have freedoms we are denied by present day judges and lawmakers. Our founding fathers would be appalled.

Too much emphasis is placed on forcing drivers to buckle up their seatbelts while little is being done to get drunk drivers off the highways.

Too many gun owners are coming under attack for not locking up their guns in their own houses while criminals are given minor sentences for breaking into a house while in the possession of a firearm. How can gun owners defend their families if their guns are locked in a safe?

Some children do die in accidental deaths every year by obtaining a gun from the house but these are far less than the number of times a firearm is used to stop a crime. (See my column on Perspective)

I read recently how doctors and nurses want to stop youngsters from driving ATVs. They cited the number of accidents and injuries they see for their reason.

ATV users who trespass, ruin crops and create "noise pollution" should be dealt with but as far as them being allowed to ride on their own property, this is the business of the parents and not the government.

It is legal in this country for parents to abort their children up to nine months but these parents can be fined for not restraining their children in safety seats and seat belts shortly after the children are born. They can also be arrested for not making their children wear helmets when riding a bike. Does this make sense?

Some children have been kicked out of school for pointing their fingers in the form of a gun while playing a game. Yet the vicious students who shoot and kill fellow students are put away until they are 21 instead of being dealt with as foundational law suggests.

We, as sportsmen, need to speak out whenever our rights and freedoms are attacked. As I have mentioned, all areas of life are under attack. But we can set an example for the world to follow. Think about what you and your club can do to educate your area about real freedom.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said, "He who gives up his freedom to obtain security deserves neither."

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