Looks like it's Caernarvon/Lancaster's turn this time.

A story on the recent Caernarvon/Lancaster Township meeting that appears in this week's Tri County Record reports on plans for the Hoover farm that lies in the area back of Martins' Country Market. It is slated for residential development.

And so it will go. Let's take a look into the future. Angry residents will come forward at some future township meeting to express their displeasure with the development plans. Supervisors will listen and attempt to do whatever they can to control the scope of the development so the basic integrity of the township is safeguarded. A compromise or two will be made. Then, the earth begins to move.

Outcries for responsible planning, democracy, and "we don't need quality shopping' will again echo around the region.

Developments and situations like these have a tendency to galvanize residents into action. But, in most cases, it's too late.

Somewhere early along in this scenario, a township board of supervisors granted a variance to a zoning ordinance to permit a developer to proceed with his plans.

All in accordance with the law. And, so it will go along with other farmers and property owners who are feeling the economic pressures of growth and progress.

Is this a scenario that is spinning out of control while lawmakers sit idly by? Perhaps it is time for more local involvement from the likes of our state representatives and senators. After all, agriculture is this state's and the Tri County region's biggest industry.

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