The Penn State Extension Lancaster County Annual Meeting and Social Event will be held Thursday, Jan. 31, at the Farm and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster. The evening begins at 5:30 p.m. with a social hour and sampling lots of delicious food in the “Farm Show style” food court provided by various local commodity groups and vendors.

Throughout the evening we will learn about the many wonderful things involving Lancaster County Extension, 4-H STEM learning opportunities, and a dynamic and engaging presentation entitled "Truth About GMOs and Your Food: Separating the Myth from Reality" by Dr. Troy Ott, Associate Director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State University.

Many conversations today about food and agriculture include the topic of genetically modified organisms, more correctly known as genetically engineered plants or animals. You have probably heard about GE plants, but are there GE animals in agriculture? Why were they developed and are they really needed? What would be the reason a farmer would want to use a GE plant or animal? Are GE foods safe for people and the environment? Are there negative consequences of feeding GE crops to animals or humans? Can’t we just avoid GE? Should we really be modifying genomes? What about unintended consequences? What developments are on the horizon for genetic engineering?

These questions and more will be explored during Dr. Ott’s presentation and dynamic question and answer session sure to educate and entertain. Youth activity stations will be provided by Lancaster County 4-H during the presentations. The evening should conclude by 8:30 p.m.

There is no cost to attend the event. The deadline to register is Monday, Jan. 28.

To register, visit or by calling 1-877-345-0691.


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