Plans for development proceed in New Morgan

Lot 19, a 60-acre parcel of land which is split in half by Shiloh Road, will be the site of about 200 homes. The Southern Berks Land Company, the owner of the land, has had it divided into four separate lots to resolve title issues according to Borough Manager Carolyn Williams.

Lot 19 is located about ¼ mile north of the intersection of Shiloh Road and Route 10. Council approved the subdivision plans and the land development plans have conditional approval. The plans were reviewed and approved by Borough Engineer Tim Woodrow.

Williams said her home is very similar to those which are planned to be built on Lot 19. She said she 'loves it'.

Stephen Caramenico was appointed Mayor of New Morgan Borough in July. He replaced Jodi Kelly who has moved from the Borough. Tara Fetterman has been appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board, replacing the vacancy left by Caramenico's mayoral service. She attends Philadelphia University where she is studying architecture. Gina Venezia has been appointed to the Municipal Authority and will also serve as an alternate on the Zoning Hearing Board.

New Morgan Borough has 20 residents. There is about 100% participation in elections, said Caramenico.

Lee Zimmerman, Manager of the Conestoga Landfill, said at this time they are filling Cell 20 with rubbish. Excavation is underway for Cell 22, which is expected to be completed in 2013. A gas main is being constructed to carry methane gas from the new expansion area to a point where it will connect with the gas main from the original landfill. From there it will be pumped to Granger Energy. Granger is processing all of the methane gas which is extracted from the landfill. Methane gas is generated from decaying rubbish.

More wells will be drilled to extract methane gas in the fall. Temporary capping of certain sections of the landfill is under way.

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