A few weeks ago Uncle Elver ranted about some of the pet peeves that bothered him, and most of those he reported had to do with driving and issues with other drivers on the road.

Our friend, Ivan, who we bump into quite regularly at Hershey Motors, pointed out that we missed a couple.

"You forgot the drivers on the turnpike that never have their money ready when they go through the toll booth, "he noted.

We have to agree. It's no secret that is one of the selling points for the E-Z Pass system, but with the average distance between toll plazas about 12-14 miles, motorists should not be surprised when they get to the booth that they have pay. It's not like it sneaks ups on you. You know its coming.

On the same subject, a trip on the turnpike is usually planned. You would think people would be prepared with some change or small bills.

Waiting in line seems to be a pet peeve of many people.

Another irritating experience is in the line at the drive through of a fast food restaurant. It makes you cringe when you are in line to order a couple of burgers and a small order of fries, and you overhear the vehicle in front of you (with a van load of kids), place a $50 order of kids meals, super this, super that, extra this and more of that.

Large complicated orders should be regulated to inside the restaurant and NOT the drive through. We have to admit, the drive through exists because we are lazy. Just try visiting a fast food place at noon and you'll see that the line of vehicles waiting to place their orders wraps around the building.

Uncle Elver also thinks that a fortune is waiting to be made for the first person who opens a convenience store drive through. McDonald's has a drive through. Burger King has a drive through. Dunkin' Donuts has a drive through. Even Rite Aid and Doug's Pharmacy have drive through. Why not Turkey Hill or Wawa?

The concept is simple. You place a menu board on the side of the store with a list of items available at the drive through; sodas, snacks, tobacco products, newspapers, ice cream, hot dogs, soft pretzels, etc. It would be a limited selection of items, but enough to make the drive up window worthwhile.

Americans are lazy. Let's make a buck off of it.

While we're on the subject of drive throughs and pet peeves, there is always the lousy reception you get from those tiny speakers. The kind that makes you repeat what you want to the order taker three times before they understand what you want. (Even then, it's a flip of the coin that your order will actually be accurate).

Have you also noticed that the menu board is so plastered with value meals and super deals that you have a hard time finding just the regular items on the menu? We don't want a 3 or a 7, or a super-sized #5; we just want a cheeseburger and a small drink!

If you're like Uncle Elver, you are also one who gets in the wrong line. It may be the drive through; it may be at the bank, the supermarket or some other store. Someone either needs a price check, questions an item, doesn't have the right money or their credit card doesn't work. If you're lucky, you may even have a spouse who's still shopping while their other half is at the check-out, and they run up at the last minute with two or three additional items.

At this point, Uncle Elver is just trying to determine if other people feel the same way about these pet peeves or if he's just turning into a grumpy old man.

We do know that most people are strange. They want the front of the bus, the back of the church and the middle of the road. We can only guess that this indicates they are very conscious of their position in life.

So, be the Good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise, see ya next week!

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