Chairman Paul Whiteman and Burdy met with several area developers last week to discuss the Valley Road improvements. Representatives from Wolfson-Verrichia, CF Farms, and Sheetz were reminded that the money for the improvements would be coming from themselves along with several other developers not in attendance. "No taxpayers money will be used for these improvements,' reiterated Whiteman.

The board is working on turning a corner of the township park into a bicycle park. Area kids who watched the X-Games recently held in Philadelphia have been performing tricks and stunts in various parking lots in the area. For safety reasons, the township decided to place dirt piles in various place in the park so the kids could ride up and down them. However, the kids stated that the piles were too close together. The board recommended to one of the kid's parents in attendance that the kids spray paint on the grass where they would like the dirt piles to be placed so the township can accommodate them.

The developer for Pennwood Farms, Gary McEwen, asked Burdy to contact PP&L in regards to installing streetlights for Pennwood Farms Phase III. "We already have residents living there,' stated McEwen. Township Solicitor Brett Huckabee mentioned that he would investigate to see if streetlights could be put up before the streets in the development are dedicated.

The board voted unanimously to widen Willow Glen Road to 20 feet across. The road currently varies between 15 to 17 1/2 feet at several different points.

Huckabee passed out a draft of the grass and weed ordinance along with a draft for the township park ordinance. The board will review both of these ordinances and comments regarding the grass and weed ordinance will be passed along to the Planning Commission.

In other news, Supervisor Randy McEwen noted that the police department handled 302 calls in August, while the maintenance department did 500 hours of roadwork. Supervisor Charles Byler noted that the fire company responded to 27 fire calls in August. The board selected Saturday, Oct. 13 as to when they will be conducting a road inspection. The next board of supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m.

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