WEST VINCENT - A resident who lives along the unpaved portion of St. Matthews Road raised concerns on his neighbors' behalf, about speeding vehicles and swirling dust clouds through his neighborhood Tuesday before the board of supervisors.

Resident Howard Keener said traffic along his once-sleepy road has increased dramatically since a development was built along nearby Chester Springs Road, and another along Fellowship Road.

"There are so many strangers and no speed sign," he said.

Keener who has lived in his current location since 1979 says he and his neighbors have grown concerned about the mixture of speeding cars, playing children and horses along St. Matthews Road .

"The dust just billows when a car goes by, and there are a lot of activities involving seven or eight children," he said. "We would love to have them put brine on the road together with a speed limit."

Keener said he would love to have a 15 mph speed limit, which he hoped would help alleviate the dust problem.

The road is so narrow that two cars cannot safely pass each other without having one vehicle stop first to allow the other to pass.

Until a few years ago, trees at the top of the hill kept much of the area damp; however, their removal has added to the dust problem.

Supervisor Zoë Perkins said the township would be unable to do anything about the speeding without a posted speed limit sign.

Police Chief Michael Swininger said Tuesday he planned to place equipment on the road to gauge the average speed cars were traveling down that road, so the board of supervisors could impose an enforceable speed limit along the road.

"The first thing we need to do is a good speed study," Swininger said. "That way we can start doing enforcement."

He said the township's roads department likely would examine the road and do what needs to be done to help the neighbors with their dust problem, which could include spraying the brine on the road as Keener wants.

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